Friday, April 11, 2014

Go read John Fleck on the Colorado river pulse filling the delta

Eli is marking tests this weekend.  Entertain yourselves reading John Fleck's posts on following the pulse flow experiment filling the Colorado River Delta.

Setting the scene
Morelos Dam, Minute 319 and replumbing the Colorado River Delta
Ives in the Colorado River Delta
The fate of the Colorado River delta: shared blame
Presa Morelos: when in doubt, make a bird list
“La Cuenca is dead right now”
Four guys walking down the Colorado River
Memories of water
Hydrology at the end of a river

The water flows
A pickup, stuck in the Colorado River sand
Multiple meanings of “presa”
Following the Rio Colorado west
Plumbing the pulse flow
A river underground
A boy and his river
“The most beautiful sight”
I think I just violated the Colorado River Compact
Following the flow
Updated Pulse Flow Map
Land and water: Colorado River pulse flow arrives at Laguna
Pulse flow progress

Colorado River pulse flow: managing expectations
“Water hoarding” on the U.S. side of the border
Colorado “pulse flow”: fighting deeply held perceptions
Minute 320?
Abandoned citrus
A river means different things to different people
Declining Colorado River Basin groundwater reserves
After the rush, getting down to the science
Welcome, pulse flow readers. Buy my (old) book!
The Colorado River is no one thing
Via Nature podcast, Alex Witze on the grand pulse flow experiment


John Fleck said...

Wow, have I been blathering that much? :-)

Thanks for the linkage...

Pinotgraves said...

John Fleck is indispensable on the intersection of policy, history, climate and geography concerning water int he Southwest. You have done everyone a service with the shout-out.