Thursday, August 29, 2013

Goin Lord

Eli is a full service bunny, and over at Watt's inquired if the good Lord Moncktonwas interested in some action offered by John Abraham  Twice, maybe even three times, who remembers.   Eli thought that the most likely reaction would be some volume of self righteous spew from the gook Lord and, you know, the Bunny was right on

. . . One Rabett says someone wants to take a bet with me about whether the world will cool by 0.5 K before 2020 is out. However, it was not I but another who forecast that. In an earlier posting I merely reported the forecast, which is one of a growing number that find cooling more likely than warming in the short to medium term. To make any such bet symmetrical, there would be no payout if the temperature fluctuated by less than 0.5 K in either direction by 2020 compared with today. The bedwetters would win if the temperature rose by 0.5 K; the army of light and truth would win if it fell by 0.5 K.
That, as they said is not what Chris said
“Meanwhile, enjoy what warmth you can get. A math geek with a track-record of getting stuff right tells me we are in for 0.5 Cº of global cooling. It could happen in two years, but is very likely by 2020. His prediction is based on the behavior of the most obvious culprit in temperature change here on Earth – the Sun.”
Very much a Chris'  patented non denial denial change the subject in the middle of the thought

But to go on
However, the creature seeking cheap publicity by offering the bet has, I discover, been part of an organized (and probably paid) campaign to prevent skeptics such as me from being allowed to speak at various universities around the world to which we are from time to time invited. Evidence is being gathered, since in Scotland tampering with the right of academic freedom in this characteristically furtive way, particularly with the wildly malicious claims the perpetrator and his little chums have apparently been making, would be held to constitute a grave libel. 
 I had hoped to sue the defalcating nitwit in the U.S for an earlier malicious attempt by him to assert that I take a skeptical line because I am paid to do so (if only …). However, the lawyers whom I consulted, after having a good look at the case, concluded that, though what this inconsequential little creep had said was unquestionably libelous, as well as displaying an exceptionally poor grasp of elementary science and even of arithmetic, I did not have title to sue because, in the US, I am counted at law as a “public figure” and the jerklet is not. If he were a public figure, I could sue him. If I were not a public figure, I could sue him. But, since I am a public figure and he is not, I cannot sue him. Not in the U.S., at any rate. I visited the Court of Session in Edinburgh yesterday …
Hope you had a good time:), Eli just wrote a rejoinder which he leaves here for the reader's enjoyment.  Who knows if it will remain or be cremated by the crew @ Willard Tony's

Now some, not Eli to be sure, thought that it would be most pleasing if the good Monckton of Brenchley made John Abraham put up, but Sadly No. 
Instead, as the Bunny proposed but a few days ago, we are treated to an entertaining essay in avoidance. To watch Lord Monckton as his mind works at an astonishingly furious pace, whinging about the ills done to him, the difficulty of confronting his tormentors, and the cruel law which forbid him to pounce upon them, but, of course he could if he really wanted to and they should be more cautious, when shunning a chance to do same, is indeed a show Eli feels privileged to have played a minor part in.
Such humor is found only in our pale memories except for YouTube. We have Chris.


Anonymous said...

My fav part of Monckton's essay in avoidance:
...particle physics, which is Professor Zichichi’s subject. He discovered and isolated a form of antimatter 40 years before the Large Hadron Collapser did.


Anonymous said...

Is the title a type for "Groin Lord", which would be a nice way to liken this mountebank to a sexual organ?

Anonymous said...

Who is funding "The World Federation of Scientists", the subject of the good lord's latest effusion. Certainly not the world's scientists.

Perhaps John Mashey might know.


Anonymous said...

Some sober FRS should enter a warning note about this weaselly evasion into the betting book at Brooks's

Anonymous said...

Googling for "World Federation of Scientists" excluding the phrase "the scare is over" gave me 284 results (from an initially "estimated" 5800). Including the phrase gives an estimated number of 138,000 results. Restricting the search to only up to December 2012 also reduces the number of results to about 270. Looks like the Federation had very little exposure on the net before Monckton brought it up.

John Mashey said...

1) The Viscount has form, as some would say, although he seems to have abandoned Latin in this one. I'm glad to hear evidence is being gathered in Scotland. This reminds me of the Monckton+Schulte+Fergsuon vs Orekses affair, when Monckton visited to comment:
'Tue, 2008-03-25 09:50 — Monckton of Bre...

"Dr." Mashey says Mr. Schulte plagiarized my research. He did no such thing. It was he, not I, who conducted the research. "Dr." Mashey was told this.

"Dr." Mashey submitted his over-long complaint formally to Mr. Schulte's academic institution, whose investigator rejected it on all counts.

"Dr." Mashey is now himself under investigation for circulating his complaint publicly, in a form in which which inter alia he breaches doctor-patient confidentiality. For this reason, please remove all links to "Dr." Mashey's document.

One realizes that the news that the scientific "consensus" no longer believes in climate alarm (if it ever did) is unwelcome in certain political circles. But the science is the science.

Perhaps it would be better if "Dr." Mashey were to write a peer-reviewed rebuttal of Mr. Schulte's paper, rather than interfering in an unlawful manner on the blogosphere, which is not the best place for serious scientific discourse.'

and my reply.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

How can anyone take this man seriously. He is a clownshoe discarded along the highway of life. So deluded you can't even tell whether he's stupid.

Anonymous said...

Now which lawyers would Chris consult that have such a strong grasp of science and arithmetic that they'd think someone who makes their actual living in the sciences has such "an exceptionally poor grasp of elementary science and even of arithmetic"?

Wonder how much those polymaths charge? Do they advertise "Expertise in libel law, elementary science and math."?

Certainly a response illuminating how the good lord's mind works.

Anonymous said...

Talking about libel, and then calling the other person a "jerklet" would then be...?


Anonymous said...
My fav part of Monckton's essay in avoidance:
...particle physics, which is Professor Zichichi’s subject. He discovered and isolated a form of antimatter 40 years before the Large Hadron Collapser did.

Since Moncton studied only classics and journalism , this may be construed as referrring to Nino Zichichi's support of archaeology at CERN

it would have been great if he'd discovered a forum of Antipater 40 years before Hadrian's collapse,

Martin Vermeer said...

So I take it the answer is 'no', then...?

Anonymous said...

Stoat has some lowdown on the World Federation of Scientists. It was set up in the 1950s to combat planetary crises, including the threat of nuclear war.

Funny, can't find any outcry at such blatant advocacy, but maybe those were different times.

Its Climatology panel used to have a respectable set of members (including Mario Molina), but now apparently just has a single member - Canadian climate science denier Professor Christopher Essex.


Cugelmaus said...

Monckton's frequent use of "bedwetter" suggests some deep trauma from his schooldays at Harrow. It would be interesting to hear from any of his contemporaries who might remember him.


Anonymous said...

Or chambermaids and girlfriends if he had any...

Jeffrey Davis said...

I'm trying to imagine the vast numbers of solar scientists missing the leading indicators for a dimming of solar output that would be big enough to drop our atmospheric temperatures by 0.5C in 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Russell Sietz:
it would have been great if he'd discovered a forum of Antipater 40 years before Hadrian's collapse

Before that perturbation is lepton by the likes of Monckton, I am, of quarks, particle-arly confined to eigenstate that it would be in Dirac contradiction of the law of conservation of emperors.

Hank Roberts said...



Being anti-Antonines and in many cases anti-Antinous, Hadrian's succesors may have been their own God participles, especially Heliogabalus, whose high voice led many to suspect he was a neutrino

Anonymous said...


The rapidly fluctuating boundary conditions within the Large Hadrian Collapser would seem to suggest that neutral bosons were relativistically common. Participles encountering the Antonine wall would Clyde with such Forth that they quantum tunnelled and became en-dangled. Quite frankly, I shouldn't be at all surprised if those CERN archaeologists find Antoninus Pions were transgressive at the 5-sigma level.


All the best quondam mechanics go to CERN to bury baryons these days .

John said...

Speaking of CERN:

CERN had a remarkable discovery recently: particles (neutrinos) traveling faster than c, the speed of light in a vaccuum. It was definitely a Nobel-prize-winning discovery, and I emphasize the word WAS. Because they found a fiber-optic cable that wasn't shoved into its socket all the way. When they shoved the cable all the way in, the discovery went away. Fooey!

This explanation is very convincing, much better than the alternative, which is that the neutrinos were so hungry for pasta (they were detected in Italy) that they absent-mindedly beat the speed limit. That's the story the neutrinos told the traffic cops, who said "186,000 miles/sec is not just a good idea. It's the LAW!"

chek said...

The interesting thing about the CERN FTL neutrino story was that while anyone with half a brain was counselling caution - Einstein had held up pretty well so far, yada yada - elements of the deniosphere was in paroxysms. Today Comrade, Einstein falls; tomorrow Climate Science!

It was rather like that weekend when Williwatts was spell-checking his minor paper and rather grandiosely announced a hiatus in his blogging pending an important announcement.

I don't know if anyone else checked out his site that weekend, but from the comments the more excitable of his clientele were fully expecting to be told that CO2 doesn't exist, or something of that order of magnitude.

Desperate people are prepared to believe anything.