Monday, August 12, 2013

Proof positive that there is a God.

And he has a great sense of humor.

Oregon Republicans elect Art Robinson of OISM as head of the state party.  Some of the comments are terrific:

What is the difference between Art Robinson and The Three Stooges? 
The Three Stooges have a more profound, science-based policy platform.  
That and they actually appeal to younger voters.
As the Greek generals said after their 1967 coup, "The previous regime brought us to the edge of a precipice, and we have now taken a step forward." 
It is as if the Onion wrote the story, with this perfect close to the traditional August silly season.  The former Republican EPA administrators who argued that there was a Republican case for action on climate change.  R Street, Bob Inglis and Eli Lehrer who have been blogging up a storm on same.  Tamsin Edwards on why not to have an opinion and James on why to.

Stephan Lewandowsky was right, denial is a lifestyle and the Republicans in the US have it bad but anybunny trying to "reason" with them is delusional.  


Anonymous said...


If you are taking Brian's place you must take a more serious tone and show much more intolerance for almost half the country with a bit more derision and disdain.

Step it up Eli,


Anonymous said...

Let me try.

San Diego Democrats elect Bob Filner to be mayor of San Diego. The Democrat party of California and Democrats in Congress have know for years about Filner's "issues" but remained silent.

14 women so far have come forward to describe what can be called sexual harassment to sexual battery. With other prominent Democrats in the news, Weiner and Spitzer it would be a wonder to find a Democrat who does not degrade women. Democrats in the US have it bad and anyone trying to "reason" with them is delusional.

Hey Eli that is fun.


John Mashey said...

So, has anyone told Rachel Maddow? After the fun of the fun of he last interview with him, maybe we can have another.

Brian said...
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Brian said...

The Republican Party used to be competitive in Oregon. More signs they've lost interest in getting anywhere in that state.

Susan Anderson said...

Here's the earlier Maddow:

Nonsense won't stop. Guys will hold on to their delusions until they are unable. I wonder how Shakespeare would have described it.

Nonetheless, it is nice to have places to go to find a little acrid sanity.

code this time was ossnce (nce I read as nonsense and oss a lot more sensible than ois)

Leif said...

The GOP do not fund abortion. Fine. A precedent. Why do progressives tolerate funding the ecocide of the planet via billion $$$ tax subsidies to the Fossil Barons?

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Maddow and 95% of the press are ignoring the Filner story. Hmm.

Democrats as a party obviously condone the sexual harassment and battery of women. You cannot possibly believe that Filner spent 20 years as a Congressman and Pelosi never got wind of this. The Filner situation speaks volumes the lengths the Democrats will go to keep true believers on the team.

Back to your attention to an unelected party leader, nothing to see anywhere else, move on.


dhogaza said...

"I wonder why Maddow and 95% of the press are ignoring the Filner story. Hmm."

As an Oregonian, I only know of Filner because of the story running in the press. The same press tells me that Boxer and Feinstein have called for his resignation.

Anonymous said...

link to 'James' seems to be incorrect. bg

Anonymous said...

by "ignoring the story"
do you mean filner isn't news on Mars ? because i see it every morning on my news

dhogaza said...

1: "I wonder why Maddow ... [is] ignoring the Filner story. Hmm."

Back in July:

"On Wednesday night’s edition of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” host Rachel Maddow discussed the wave of scandals currently engulfing the careers of former congressman and New York City mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner (D), San Diego Mayor Bob Filner (D) and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R). All three men, she said, are degrading the concept of public service in this country and making a mockery of the public trust.

Maddow began the segment by discussing San Diego’s Mayor Filner, who was accused on Monday by Irene McCormack Jackson, a former staffer, of inappropriate touching and sexual harassment. On Tuesday, political strategist Laura Fink came forward with her own stories of unwelcome sexual attention from Filner. On Wednesday, a third woman came forward with stories of her own run-ins with the mayor, who pinned her in a restaurant booth and tried to force her to kiss him.

“So, that’s been Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in San Diego,” said Maddow. “Can’t wait to see what happens by the weekend!”"

Anonymous said...

Another Democrat, another woman treated poorly.


Mal Adapted said...


"The GOP do not fund abortion. Fine. A precedent. Why do progressives tolerate funding the ecocide of the planet via billion $$$ tax subsidies to the Fossil Barons?"

Depends on who you call a "progressive", and what you mean by "tolerating" it. It's certainly true that some Democrats support subsidies to their fossil fuel industry patrons, but that just goes to show that the mapping of "Democrat" to "progressive" isn't 1-to-1.

Paul Klemencic said...

OK, you did it. You really made me mad. I just moved to Hillsboro, Oregon (wife works for Intel), and our state senator Bruce Starr is a Republican.

I simply can't believe that the head of the Republican party in Oregon is Art Robinson (famous for the lies from OISM featured in propaganda films like the "Great Global Warming Swindle"). I didn't realize just how whacked out the Republican party has become.

I went down to the local tavern, and asked how people felt about a total whack job being elected as the "head of the Republican party" in Oregon. Everyone just looked in their beer; even the Republican voters here don't like this situation.

I came home and called Bruce Starr's offices both locally and in Salem, and left messages.

I won't let this one go... my state senator better step up and disown this con artist.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

On the Filner fiasco: Hooters refuses to serve the bum.

Jolhn Mashey said...

Well, Robinson could at least downsize his OISM faculty< since the first two guys have been deceased for years.

J Bowers said...

"you must take a more serious tone and show much more intolerance for almost half the country"

Art Robinson is not almost half the country. He is not even one fifth. It doesn't come much more democratic than taking the piss out of pols who say and believe stupid things. You might say it is positively defending democracy.

Anonymous said...

I see Brian thought his comment was so profound he just had to repeat it.

But I guess we should be glad for small favors: he didn't make a complete post out of it.

Leif said...

The original "Tea Party" was rebellion of taxation without representation. Today it is far worse. This is taxation in support of the ecocide of the Planet.

The fundamental flaw with western capitalism, IMO is the failure to place a value in the Planets life support systems. We all pay to dump our garbage, ($120/ton here), waste, even rain water fees for storm water run off, ($5/month here), in many areas. Corporations, "people" now. Corpro/People deserve a bulk rate of "Free plus subsidies for toxins? They piddle all over themselves at the suggestion of $25/ton for toxins. Even as society, (you and I), are on the hook for far more in mitigation costs. The latest numbers I have seen are ~ $50/ton and that is surely low ball.

"Socially enabled capitalism" has run its course and the cat is out of the bag . Look around, who has all the money? Stop profits from the pollution of the commons.

GO GREEN. Resistance is fatal to earth's life support systems.

Anonymous said...


My comment you quoted was in response to the last line in Eli's post, where he uses a very broad brush.

I agree Art is a nutcase and this is a stupid move by Republicans in Oregon.


dhogaza said...

Leif said...
"The original "Tea Party" was rebellion of taxation without representation."

And just as important, the requirement that imported goods bear a tax stamp made it easier for the British authorities to differentiate between smuggled goods (rum, more than tea) and those that were legally imported. A lot easier than catching smugglers at sea or while unloading at one of the hundreds of small inlets dotting the new england coast.

But "tighter enforcement of laws against illegal smuggling" didn't quite have the same ring to it as "taxation without representation" ...

John said...

John Mashey wants Art Robinson to remove some of the faculty members from the OISM, on the flimsy excuse that the faculty members have been deceased for years.

I must protest! It would be a monstrous injustice to remove faculty members upon their demise!

Must an American's heart be beating, to be in the right place?

Must a man be able to stand up, in order to be counted??

Ruthlessly dumping faculty upon their demise, REGARDLESS OF THEIR SENIORITY, violates tenure.

Deceased faculty members do not rush off foolishly after every campus fad, but have a cautious, restrained approach befitting scientific discourse.

Deceased faculty members show special expertise at investigating dead issues!!

John said...

My previous was a joke. JOKE.

But here's an example, from the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school, of something very
bizarre about a deceased faculty member. The man was so dedicated to his students that he was kept on the teaching schedule, even though he was, technically, dead.

John Mashey said...

What, a joke? :-)

Recall that Fred Singer kept Frederick Seitz as SEPP Chairman for 2 years after his demise, so this does happen. Maybe he and Art share a good spirit medium.

As I recall, I think it was Planck who said: "Science advances one funeral at a time," a process perhaps impeded by keeping the deceased around indefinitely.

In Robinson's case, his sons will carry on, as in first few minutes of this, in which Steve Forbes' colleague George Gilder praises Art and introduces Noah, video @ Discovery Institute. Enjoy,

Paul Klemencic said...

I sent this email to my Oregon state senator -

Senator Bruce Starr:

The new leader of the Republican party in Oregon is a con man. I trust that you didn't vote for him, and will oppose his continuing leadership.
Here is just a taste of the OISM con job, orchestrated and led by Art Robinson.

Its time to stand up for reality, and oppose this whack job leading Oregon Rs. Talk to Gallagher from Tigard, and declare your independence... caucus with the Ds. Set yourself up as an independent who works for voters, not for an increasingly corrupt and crazy Republican party.

Paul Klemencic


How should Republicans view Anon, save with
contempt and slight regard for his very anonymity?

Anonymous said...


I think many wish you were anonymous.


Anonymous said...


Within the scientific community, he is basically anonymous.

Martin Vermeer said...

John & John,

Define 'dead'...