Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sooner or later even the strongest burnout against the cliffs of ignorance.  Tbogg now follows in the paths of Billmon, The Editors, and  Michael Berube .  Nonono, Eli is not there yet, but the embers of stupidity burn deeply and where is good snark today when you need it.


Thomas Lee Elifritz said...

Speak up, win the conversation ...

with quality snark.


Sou said...

Painful from Bowie. Glad to hear you are "not there yet". Your snark and insightful observations, not to mention your investigations, are always a delight.

Captcha - pullings 15. Dunno why that registers with me!?

Hank Roberts said...

A perhaps useful way of thinking about the stuff that wears us out:

"as sociologist Jeremy Freese writes, these hypotheses are "perhaps more 'vampirical' than 'empirical'--unable to be killed by mere evidence."

Anonymous said...

What, no mentions of fafblog.
Giblets will have your head (and various and sundry other body parts) for that. If you haven't seen the bush administration through this lens, you missed
the best part of it.

fafblog was da bomb.

on "extraordinary rendition" :

"Giblets knows that there are some out there who will say, "Oh, but countries like Saudi Arabia and Syria can do torture cheaper and better than we can, why should we try to compete?" Well, Giblets is holding a little something in the thumbscrews of his heart called patriotism, and Giblets thinks American workers can compete with anyone else in the world! Sure, these other countries have been at it longer than we have, but with gumption and stick-to-it-iveness Americans can rise to the top of anything!"

EliRabett said...

Giblets is a body part.