Saturday, August 03, 2013

Climate Zork II

Scott Eric Kaufman at acephalous has perfected the game of Zork as an expression of the travails of life on the net.  The best of his scripts IEHO is DISBELIEF.  Zork is absolutely the perfect game to describe the difficulties of the Richard Tol Poll which Eli has attempted below with many borrowings from Scott.  Oh yes, beware the grue.  In the spirit of such games, readers are invited to submit continuations of the story to bring it up to date.

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Revision 29 / Serial number 55153380
West of Office Building

You are standing in an open field west of a white office building, with a boarded front door.  There is a small mailbox here.

> open mailbox

There are many large white envelopes inside the mailbox with printing in large Comic Sans on them

> open an envelope

Which one

> The one from Richard Tol promising a big prize. 

They are all from Richard Tol.  Some bunny has deployed the Tol Poll Bot.

> Well, open one and read it

You joke

> Wait, you are a computer, do what I tell you

Even a computer has standards, in this case IEEE 1622

> Are we going to stand here all day debating

Better than getting involved.

>  OK, give here.

>  It appears that my choice is between Dana Nuccitelli and Robert Mugabe for Richard's least favorite person

> Isn’t it very nasty to be inviting ratings that include “very nasty”?

Ethon suggested "very tasty" but Roger is Richard's buddy.


To be continued. . .  or add your own.


Sou said...

I've kept a couple of old computers just so I can play old computer games. I've yet to do so - too many other things to do.

Maybe I should drag one of them out and try to play Tol.

I did look at that article on WUWT. I even went to twitter to see what it was all about. Couldn't make head or tail of it there either, neither in or out of context of Richard's war on consensus.

Perhaps re-playing Zork would be a better use of my time.

Anonymous said...

Before performing a terminal hepatotomy on Robert Mugabe, Ethon should cut him some slack for appointing as Governor of the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe. Gideon Gono who has upstaged stratospheric geoengineering by providing a much cheaper medium of albedo modulation : money.

Ethon should nominate Gono for the Nobel Peace Prize for empowering econoluxics, the exciting new technique of mitigating climate by using money to modulate the Earth's albedo.

In 2009 Gono's bank issued notes in all denominations from 1 Zimbabwe Cent to 100.000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars. Besides having won Gono the 2008 IgNobel Prize in Mathematics for “ giving people a simple, everyday way to cope with a wide range of numbers. “ this positions the Nobel peace prize committee to simultaneously stem hyperinflation in Zimbabwe by backing its Reserve Bank’s worthless notes with a physical gold reserve in the form of the hrfty Nobel prize medal, and limit global warming by parlaying the award into world-wide albedo change .

To maintain credibility at home,Governor Gono will naturally insist the ten million kroner Peace Prize be paid to him in his own currency, The Peace Prize committee can hardly object, for printing several thousand billion trillion Reserve bank of Zimbabwe one dollar bills will take long enough for the Committee to recoup its Kr.10 million principal by nvestment in Grameen banking.

Once the million billion billion bils are handed over; Gono can cash them at his own bank for 100 trillion billion Zimbabwe One Cent Notes . In this manner just a few hundred Kroner can yield 600 million square kilometers worth of biodegradable paper currency, enough to cover the whole 508,000,000 km2 surface of the of the Earth with brightly colored money enough to raise global albedo and reverse global warming while avoiding the austerity and moral hazards of carbon prohibition and geoengineering.

EliRabett said...

Logarithmic cash?


It's one small step from E-cash to e-cash.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Tol does some good academic work and has some good papers out - I don't know, I'm not interested in that side of things, so I don't care.

The thing is though, his tweets and blog comments are usually crap,and and as a human being, he's generally to be ignored.

willard said...

A bedtime story:

It starts:

> There was a guy, always standing around at the street corner. His name was Richy Lot, and he was a goon: rather than exhibiting the expected behavoir, he bopped everybody he didn’t like on the head, even if they approached him with the best intentions. And when my friend learned about him, Richy really had a reputation for this.


You call that a goon?