Friday, August 23, 2013

Tea Party darling Cuccinelli trails in VA gov contest

Tea Party favorite Ken Cuccinelli is trailing Terry McAuliffe in the race for Virginia governor. McAuliffe, a Clinton crony, is a former chair of the Democratic National Committee, a banker and businessman with plenty of baggage. Cuccinelli, now Attorney General of Virginia, attempted to persecute former Univ. Virginia Prof. Michael Mann for Mann's important discoveries in climate science, especially the Hockey Stick paper, but Cuccinelli's fishing expedition was stonewalled by the Univ. of Virginia. This was a great loss for the Tea Party and a great victory for the Rights of Mann. :)


Anonymous said...

Cucchinelli is a dangerous madman.

Unfortunately the democrats have decided to give him a fighting chance by fielding Mr. McAuliffe.

Would have loved for former 9th rep. Rick Boucher to have been governor, although losing his last election would have been a liability. Would have happily gone door to door for Boucher; don't really have anything nice to say about McAuliffe.

Worth noting that this election takes place in worst possible cycle for democrats.


Steve Bloom said...

Yes, a victory for the Rights of Mann, indeed we might hope a sign of the dawning of a new Age of Reason, and at the same time an ironically royal Paine for the Cooch.

Anonymous said...

"...indeed we might hope a sign of the dawning of a new Age of Reason...

Meanwhile the ignorant, the idealistic and the self-serving in Australia are about to elect to the leadership of the country a person who thinks that climate change is "crap" - and he will be elected with so small amount of help from Rupert Murdoch whose papers are overtly urging their readers to turf out the current government.

Let me be the first Australian to apologise to the world if Abbott holds to his word and drags Australia back to the 1980s.

Bernard J.

Anonymous said...

To Bernard J.

The NINETEEN 80's? Don't feel so bad, really.

We here in the US(A)A (The United States of Adored Antiquity) have a major party that would like to see us in the 1680's, at most, and, at times, (becoming more frequent!), seem actually to prefer the area of the 1080's.

John Puma

Gaz said...

More poll results:

Unknown said...

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