Friday, March 21, 2014

Pour Stiff Drink

For those of you thinking that the melt season in the Arctic is going to be a damp squib, Tenney  Naumer sends these instructions

Go to

Choose Northern Hem.

Choose Temperature Anomalies

Click on 180

Click right arrow on Playback

Pour stiff drink.


Victor Venema said...

Maybe you should carefully explain the plot before Fox News reports that it is warmer in the Arctic as in the USA.

EliRabett said...

Pour another stiff drink.

Miguel said...

Why do you enjoy it so much? :D

EliRabett said...

Why, now that you ask, yes.

Susan Anderson said...

Tenney with the second "e".

Now breathe deeply, then exhale ... sigh

Meanwhile, locally, since the 1980s there has not been a day without dozens of small birds here (New Jersey) except for the last couple of weeks. Has anybody else heard anything about this? It's horribly silent.

EliRabett said...

They are outside Eli's window, but WTH, the bunny feeds the little buggers. We do only occasionally hear our mourning doves.

Susan Anderson said...

Thanks Eli, I think I need to mention this in a few places. We did feed them, as the snowcover left them in some difficulties. This particular location is quite exposed and I'm wondering if the last late polar freeze exacerbated the situation. I'm grieving a bit but will hope for a change.

I do see birds elsewhere, so question two is, for those who still have 'em, is the population down? I know the answer is, roughly, yes. Perhaps for my situation it is simply something weird and local.

Anonymous said...

This is the coolest toy ever! Thanks for linking!