Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cognitive Dissonance and Good Advice

Well the folks from west uberstanistan are attacking a bunch of blogs.  Planet 3.0 is being greeted, and Jo Nova and Benny's bunch got taken down, so Tony Watts

(Eli can call you Tony, can't he Tony, well at least on Rabett Run.  OTOH, were Eli so minded, he could call you Willard, Willard Tony being your full moniker, but Willard is already taken so Eli will call you Tony, or perhaps he should use Willard Tony, to distinguish Willard from Tony.  Where is Willard when the bunny needs him?)

has put up some reasonable advice for blogs who blog, the first, and most important being let someone else do the heavy lifting, e.g. wordpress or blogger.  Anyhow, it is probably the best post ever on Tony's blog, with some actually useful comments, but as usual, cognitive dissonance appears. 

Yep, people who hack right wing blogs are scum,

striptubes says:
The attacks on right-wing political sites and blogs in the US has also been trending substantially up lately. It’s a disturbing trend, to say the least.
pat says:
Liberals are the same everywhere,every occupation. Angry children.

but those folks who hacked the UEA server are employees if not heros, and, of course, Planet 3.0 thoroughly deserves what it gets
RC says:
” … Planet3.0 has had repeated hack attempts this week … ”
Your pal Frank Swifthack is vacationing in Drogobych and ran out of things to do?
and, of course, the usual claims of victory in several places quoting Ghandi, who has ascended, Eli imagines from left wing socialist to champion of outsourcing, bunnies know the line, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. 

Eli guesses that Rabett Run has ascended to stage two, with Tony suggesting use of a strong password such as Evil$narkBunny111709!  however, allow a correction from Eli, as in the image above, a better one would refer to Eli's evil cousin Happy$narkBunny 111708.  Now some, not Eli, to be sure, might wonder why Willard Tony has it in for Eli.


Anonymous said...

You think that Tony has it in for you?
Well, I'd like to let you know that I have also been a victim of Tony's not-so-righteous wrath.

Not long ago, I committed the ultimate crime (in Tony's eyes). I allowed Tony's favorite evil nemesis Dr. Michael Mann to (drum roll...) *retweet one of my tweets*. Linky here:

(I had to settle for twitter account caerbannog666 because caerbannog was already taken).

Watts then launched a devastating campaign of character assassination against me. He accused me of being a leather-bound goth with body piercings, gnarly tattoos, and dark fantasies of hot goth vampire sex.

The brutal details can be seen here:

Ok, so I made up the bit about the hot goth vampire sex. But Tony *did* accuse me of being a goth.

Tony won't retract his vicious accusation unless I prove to him (to his satisfaction) that I'm not a goth.

Well, for the record, I will neither confirm nor deny that I have any links to the goth crowd. And I will neither confirm nor deny that I have fantasies about hot goth vampire sex (which I'm sure that Tony would have accused me of had he thought of it first).

But I suspect that what really has put me on Tony's s**t list is that fact that I can crunch temperature data and compute global-average temperatures (albeit very crudely) in less time than it would take him to figure out how to unpack a GHCN V3 raw temperature data tarball. Sample results here (confirmation that the NASA global-avg temperature results can be confirmed with raw data taken from a small number of rural stations):

--caerbannog the anonybunny

EliRabett said...

From Greg Lindahl's site

Families, when a child is born / Want it to be intelligent.

I, through intelligence, / Having wrecked my whole life,

Only hope the baby will prove / Ignorant and stupid.

Then he will crown a tranquil life / By becoming a science denialist

-- Su Tung-p'o, K. Rexroth, trans. w. help fro E Rabett

Anonymous said...

Hn, I reckon it was whistleblowers. After all, that's what the denizens of WWWT thought when CRU was hacked.

Or Peter Gleick. Apparently he's good at infiltration.

And I note that the commentariat at WWWT are also a little more righteously umbraged this time 'round than they were when RealClimate was hacked.

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Help me out here, Watts's first name is really Willard? Is this true? We're talking about the same Watts who chastises people who post scientific questions and facts on his website when they commit the sin of not using their full names? PLease, I goota know if this is true!

EliRabett said...

The Wikipedia has it

cRR Kampen said...

Finally you win - posthumously.

J Bowers said...

According to Cryosphere Today, 2012 is the new Arctic sea ice area record.

bill said...

So a recovery is imminent, then? ;-)

cRR Kampen said...

Most massive recovery ever is to be expected between September and January. Yes.

J Bowers said...

Thanks guys, I was getting a bit concerned.

Hank Roberts said...

Is the "bottom of the valley" becoming wider and flatter, year after year, on those ice curves? Eyeballing, it looks like there's a trend -- the low stays low longer in more recent years (more water area, presumably more "edge" area between ice and water, more fresh water and nitrogen compounds and heavy metals and other stuff washing off the surface of the ice.

I'd note that multi-year ice probably (guessing) would have layers of fertilizers and other airborne deposits frozen in. How old was the oldest multi-year ice, before this current melting cycle?

Did the ice all 'circulate' to the edge of the icepack, so none of the multi-year ice was really much older than the five or six years mentioned often?

Whenever it did melt, all that stuff that's fallen out of the atmosphere would have been dumped into the ocean. Did it make a plankton bloom any different? Or add a detectable layer to the anthropocene sediment?

Just thinking out loud ...