Thursday, August 09, 2012

Song of the Pielkesphere: Toujours Meh


Anonymous said...

Pielke's work on climate change has taken a beating from Dr. Stephen Schneider, who said that with Pielke "one consistent pattern emerges-he is a self-aggrandizer who sets up straw men, knocks them down, and takes credit for being the honest broker to explain the mess-and in fact usually adds little new social science to his analysis.

Former Skeptic said...

Nah, Eartha Kitt's more to Sr's taste and disposition.

I've always thought Jr's (And Muller, come to think of it) song was The Offspring's.

Anonymous said...

Thought it was the Pielke Polka

Roll out the babble
We'll have a babble of fun...

Hell, hell, global warming's here
What the heck do we care?

Jeffrey Davis said...

More Mephistopheles than Mehitablel.

Toujours meh.

Anonymous said...

The best live performance I have ever seen was Eartha Kitt in a cabaret show in the mid 1960's.

She was electrifying.

Orson Welles called her "the most exciting woman in the world".

Thanks for that!


Former Skeptic said...

Has Ethon been following the entertaining Pielke Jr. meltdown over at SKS?

I thought Sr's evasiveness and goalpost-shifting was bad. His son takes it to a new level.