Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The capchas are getting many bunnies cross and the others cross eyed.  RR gets some spam, but not much.  What say you to lifting the capchas for a while and seeing how it goes?  For everyone's amusement, a couple of the better spams Eli has gotten below

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Anonymous said...

runs about like an acephalous chicken

Watt a useful phrase.

Must we have the horrifying image of Monckton? The eyes follow you round the room.


Anonymous said...

That second one actually makes more sense than the good Dr. Cadbury.


Anonymous said...

I truly bang this blog post

After blog science, blog porn.

Edit : I dunno about quitting recaptcha, but it could be wise to change the captcha thing : I have something scanned with a quality so low I am truly unable to read it. And normally I am able to read myself, just to let you know how experienced I am at deciphering gibberish
Edit bis : oh, these are numbers ... google streetview recaptcha ?


njp said...

"a performing artist who runs about like a acephalous chicken"

That's Witless Willard, right there.


The Viscount appears to be doing his tear gland exercises for his cameo appearence in The Boy Who Cried Warming

Starring Pat Michaels, Willie Soon and you can guess the other six.

Craig Allen said...

Could you create a series of graphics that contain short climate questions? This will defeat spammers and annoy the hell out of denialists. Questions like "What is the chemical formula of the gas that is responsible for global warming?", "What percentage of practicing climate scientists agree that global warming is primarily caused by humans and is dangerous - %50, %70 or %98?","Watt is the last name of the most clueless climate denialist blogger?".


John said...

Instead of capcha, how about the punch line for an in-joke?

Q. Whaddya call it when Eli takes the subway?

A. Rabett Transit

And other jokes that are even worse.
If you can find any.

bill said...

How about 'What does IEHO stand for'?

('no nonsense', of course!)

PS - the machines are clearly listening in. This captcha was actually almost legible...

J Bowers said...

If the captcha's illegible I usually hit the refresh icon (circular arrow) until one appears that can be read more easily (after copying the text to be submitted, of course ;)

Lionel A said...

Having watched some episodes of CSI NY I am gaining that Hawkes like ability to see the pattern in the noise but must admit to sometimes guessing which works - probably my subconscious taking over having done the Hawkes bit.

One or two I manage by looking at it cross-eyed. But J Bowers has the best idea which I have also used.

Talking of CSI. Don't you just love it when they enhance a small part of picture from a CCTV of an image reflected in a window via a car door mirror. Wish my HR SLRs produced images like that!

Now this one looks easy. I wonder?

Marion Delgado said...

We should spread the rumor that terrorists' favorite means of communicating their plans is to bury it in comment spam. It makes sense to me :)

Marion Delgado said...

Eli, BTW I am all for it. That said, I am personally going to check in with the recaptcha folks. This has almost become a technology area of its own, IMO.

At what point, joking aside, and exaggeration aside, does bot spam software apparently exceed average (let alone aging) human eyes? And who will admit it?

I realize this is not the blog for that but when I do find the blog for that ;) I'll mention it.