Sunday, August 26, 2012

Climate change open thread

Open thread for anything climate-related.


Anonymous said...

Lots of stuff on sea level rise lately. Where would all the water come from to raise sea level 29 feet?

Hardy Cross

Peter Rabbit said...

So, the second draft of Watts et al 2012. Seems to be taking a while?

Anonymous said...

That's because the first draft got so many drafts thrown at it.


Steve Bloom said...

Excellent post here on current melt conditions in the Alps, including a first-ever in recorded history (pretty long records in this region, too) snow-free state on major peaks including the Matterhorn.

Anonymous said...

"Roger Pielke Junior caught telling a lie"

Roger has no problem accusing people of being liars in public, so I'm sure he will excuse others for doing the same except, unlike his slander, the above statement is based in fact.

Interested bunnies can read about Roger Pielke Junior telling a lie at SkepticalScience in a desperate attempt to justify his false claims about Chris Field. Ironic too that Roger did this after he wrongly accused Chris Field of misleading Congress.

Roger's song and dance and twisting and contorting at SkepticalScience is very amusing to watch. Does Roger really think people are so stupid as to buy his BS?

"Honest Broker" my ass. Thanks! ;)


Anonymous said...

Here's a random question that floated into my head whilst I was staring blankly at the several dozenth paper for this afternoon.

Will the current Arctic sea ice minimum record be analysed in the AR5? Or will the early-August cut-off for peer-reviewed literature have a significant effect on restricting commentary on this subject?

I'll bet that the Denialati are hoping so...

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

The impossible-to-read Recpatcha says somewhat ironically "ikthysis 106)

EliRabett said...

Anon, at this point only some. OTOH he does still have the Pielkesphere and the Rolladex churnalists.

J Bowers said...

Comment of the week.

Brian said...

JBowers - agreed. The next few comments are also pretty good. I hadn't thought about the effect of penguin body heat, either.

Jim Eager said...

"Where would all the water come from to raise sea level 29 feet?"

Umm, well, gee, possibly from land and grounded ice on and around Greenlend, the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica?

After all, it's not like it hasn't happened before.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

NYT has a good article by Justin Gillis about the new sea ice low.

And guess what? No false balance!

Steve Bloom said...

Although after first giving her the most prominent quote, Gillis does make Francis' views sound like that of a small minority. I'm not so sure.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

New AMS statement on Climate Change gives Judy the sad. Sr. didn't like it too much either....

Gaz said...

Ah, well.

Tried to post a comment at WTFUWT, pointing out that for scientists' huts to contribute to a rising temperature trend they would need to be nudged a little bit closer to the thermometers every year.

Or that the crowds of penguins would have to get bigger over time.

Didn't make it through the gatekeeper, though:

"[Snip. Try to be deferential to our host. Use a "/sarc" tag if you're trying to be funny. ~dbs, mod.]"

I guess the orginal post was funny enough without my help.

Unintentional parody - always the best.

Anonymous said...

Rattus at 27/8/12 5:59 PM.

Judy most certainly has lemon juice in her paper cuts.

"JC comments:

My strong objections to this type of statement by professional societies has been voiced previously. This statement is worse than the previous AMS statement, and much worse than the statement by the Royal Society, which is probably the most credible statement on this topic made by a professional society.

I'm not surprised that she disapproves of professional scientific societies making public statements about "this topic", because they represent thousands or scientists who not only disagree with her, but do so to the extent that they're willing to put the weight of their concern onto the public record. This doesn't make Judy look good - or blessed with intelligent friends.

And if successive statements appear to be ever worsening, well, that might be a function of the fact that the state of the climate is worsening.

There's been a recent exchange over at Skeptical Science about using the term "ostrichism" rather than "denialism". Frankly, I think the latter is more applicable. "Ostrichism implies mere ignoring of the facts, where "denialism" indicates an outright nonsensical challenge of the veracity of the facts. It is high-octane denialism indeed to go on record with any of the multitude of excuses for why the Arctic isn't currently pulverising to smithereens the previous ixce-minimum records.

Judy, Dullard, and all of the Denialati mates are at full-throttle heading for that cliff that doesn't exist in their minds - there'll be a Pyrrhic satisfaction in watching them eat their words at some time in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Dang. That last was me.

I hit 'return' instead of clicking 'preview', so I didn't get to edit or to sign off.

Well, at least my mistake won't bring the planet closer to an overheating ruin...

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

Stephen said...

Marc Morano appears to have blown a gasket trying to dismiss the significance of the melting Arctic:

J Bowers said...

Get the popcorn: Obama, Romney to tackle science debate questions

Eli coud start the betting for Romney's answers using argument numbers in Skeptical Science list of myths, if Eli were so inclined.

dbostrom said...

Denskepticons driven even crazier by quantification of their insanity, mindlessly reproduce results of Lewandosky's Motivated Rejection of Science.

Follow some of the fun at Skeptical Sciencehere, in comment.

"Lewandowsky's paper is a conspiracy and a fraud! You're all fools, fools I tell you!"

Too funny.