Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Yah gotta pay attention

Deltoid and Climate Audit tell how the Killer McIntyre uleashed his Lego** Robot Anonymouse on GISS to harvest all of their climate station records. Turns out that the rapid polling of the robot resulted in denial of service to everyone else, and the webmaster told McIntyre to bug out,

Please note that the robots.txt file on that website includes a list of directories which any legitimate web robot is _forbidden_ from trying to index. That list of off-limits directories includes the /work/ and /cgi-bin/ directories.
Because the robot running on the cable.rogers.com network has rather obviously and blatantly violated those rules, I placed a block on our server restricting its access to the server.
which was not kindly received. Lots of harumph on Steve's part, but they did provide him with access within a few hours, and this interesting comment
After a short meeting with Dr. Hansen, we were advised to let you download whatever you want as long as generally accepted protocols are observed. Please try to do so at a time that does not impact other users, i.e. late nights, weekends.
What we did with the GHCN data is carefully documented in the publications listed on our website. We are not creating an alternate version of the GHCN data, we are mainly combining their data in various steps to create our anomaly maps.
While the whole thing was a farce, those seven words are the take home. It's obvious what Steveo intends to try, Hansen, otoh is a lot older fox than Michael Mann.

** Lego has a huge market among robotics courses. Eli just took delivery on 8k$ worth of stuff for next year


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm....well, this is a slow moving hare. In the time that it took you to notice the latest twist in the McIntyre audit to end all audits, our friendly Canadian has already moved on to making specious claims about the IPCC and harassing a fairly obscure scientit named Konrad Gajewski.

Must wake up bright and bushy-tailed in the in morning to keep up with the FUD, Rabett.

Mus musculus anonymouse

Dano said...

I like the resultant chimp chatter. So glad they don't run the world.



Anonymous said...

Is that FUD or fudge?

The folks down at the Climate Audit Fudge Factory seem to be particularly good at producing (and packing) it.

Anonymous said...

I've taken to referring to them as ClimateAstrology based on the kind of warming explanation that seems to be preferred by most of them. The analytical methods also seem to have a lot in common with astrology.

Back on the main point, I assume that within a matter of days McI will be waving around a long list of discrepancies between the station data and the gridded GISS data. A Hansen minion will respond "of course, we told you that" and invite McI to do his own analysis based on the referenced GISS papers. That'll keep him busy.

Anonymous said...

I doubt McIntyre's bot was anywhere near as sophisticated as mario ferrari's lego mouse.

In fact, it was pretty amateurish, since he didn't even make it sleep for a brief period between data requests.

Anonymous said...

You claim "Turns out that the rapid polling of the robot resulted in denial of service to everyone else,..."
I haven't seen any report/evidence of actual DOS -- is there evidence of such or is that just an embellishment based on the violation of the robots.txt policy?
Just trying to keep the facts straight. :)

Anonymous said...

All reports are it was the entering of directories forbidden in robots.txt, rather than the endless sequential cgi requests with no breaks that his script made. They probably thought somebody was trying to hack them.

Anonymous said...

re:anon 7:54AM
That would be my guess, too. Sadly, Eli's failure to correct this embellishment in his entry suggests that his respect for the facts is not all it should be.

EliRabett said...

Remind me to poll Climate Audit 16K times a day when I have nothing better to do. One of the delights of Steve McIntyre is his utter sense of self justification in all things. Must have been a joy as a kid