Monday, May 28, 2007

The price of defaming Rachel Carson

About £10K per month (About U$18K then) to Roger Bate, who fronted Africa Fighting Malaria for the tobacco industry. In October of 1998 when negotiations were getting started to establish AFM, John Roberts, in Philip Morris' UK office sent a memo to Matt Winokur, PM's Directory of Regulatory Affairs,

Winokur, Matt
From: Roberts, John
Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 199810:55 AM
To: Bushong, David; Winokur, Matt
Subject RE: Bate
I think Bate is a very valuable resource and have strongly recommended that he play some role at UN level . I recall that we paid him up to GBP 10,0000 per month. There is one additional person I would recommend as deserving of consideration too and that is John Bowis . Where Bate's principal interest Is Malaria, Bowls's is mental health, t believe them to be complementary resources . Best wishes,



Anonymous said...

There are a number of groups beavering away to develop trial and implement ant-malaria vaccines and new and more effective drugs.
Eg. check out this clip from the Australian CSIRO -
Or take a look at Medicines for Malaria venture -
If Bates, Senetor Tom Coburn and their various masters and cronies are so concerned about Malaria, why aren't they promoting and supporting this work.

Anonymous said...

PS. The Malaria Vaccine initiative is another organization working to stamp out malaria -

Anonymous said...

Many of these folks seem to have adopted anti-environmentalism as their religion.

They have their own ten commandments (of course):

Though shalt rape the land and despoil the water.

Though shalt slander environmental scientists at every opportunity.

Though shalt sow doubt and uncertainty about environmental science.

Honor thy oil company and thy pocketbook.

Thou shalt not lift a finger to help thy neighbor.

Thou shalt not drive a car that gets more than 10mpg on the highway.

Thou shalt not recyle.

Though shalt lie.

Though shalt deceive.

Though shalt do anything that is necessary to further one's goal of defeating the evil Satan (environmentalist) and ensuring that no one puts any restrictions on how you can live and what you can do.

It does not matter whether the environmentalism is based on environmental science or not.

They are like the schoolyard bully who hates anyone who tries to tell him what to do.