Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Rachel Carson Death Toll:

Marion Delgado has some important updates on the Rachel Carson Death Toll, originally placed as a comment in Eli's memorium, the Bunnies in the Snark Room have moved it to this more appropriate place:

The Rachel Carson Death Toll

1913: 6 year old rachel carson wins an essay contest "why little disease bugs have mommies and need a break! Let's not be mean" The essay is reprinted nationwide and president Wilson decides not to fight or quarantine the Spanish influenza:

RESULT: Tens of millions of deaths. Rachel gets a new bicycle.

1917 - 10 year old Rachel Carson sends a letter to the Finnish King suggesting he allow a sealed railroad car bearing Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Communist Butcher, to travel through the nation because "scientists like me know sharing is nice." The Finns mistakenly listen.

RESULT: 100 million deaths in Russia, 200 million in china, another 100 million in vietnam, cambodia, and cuba. Rachel Carson becomes the first American to win a Red Star Bolshevik Anti-American Jesus-Killing Order of Merit First Class. She and her family move to a dacha on the Black Sea.

1935 animal behaviorathiest Rachel Carson sends fan mail to Neville Chamberlin "Dear Mr. Prime Minister: I think appeasement is sexy, and its the way to peace. Keep up the good work!"

RESULT: The ensuing war against the wrong enemy kills many. Also, domestic Nazi policy is believed by some experts to have claimed hundreds or even thousands of victims.* Still, war is hell, and we have to up Rachel's toll to 600 million. Margaret Sanger awards Carson the Paul Ehrlich Euthanasia and Eugenics Zealot Medallion.

1950s: Behavioratheist sea psychologist Rachel Carson declaims that Asians are superior and should not be resisted. Harry Truman's Communist Cabinet agrees.

RESULT: Millions of Deaths. Rosenbergs give Rachel a signed printed first edition of Das Kapital.

1960s: Rachel Carson lights her cigarette with a naive fan's draft card. Ecoterrorists led by Carson firebomb every DDT plant on earth. Mosquitoes and dragonflies reinherit the uninhabited Earth. Billions die.

RESULT: millions of deaths among americans and laotians. Rachel Carson is named Time's Woman of the Year.

1970s: it is finally determined by the Rachel Carsonology cult that her ashes won't unacceptably pollute the ocean.

RESULT: Shuttle Challenger takes in her ashes and explodes on takeoff. Rachel Carson immortalized on Mt. Rushmore in a stealth ecovandalism raid.

Final death toll: 10 billion and 7 people.

Argue all you like but these are the facts

*David Irving, op. cit.


Anonymous said...

On this one spiked makes a similar point, arguing the present discussion of Carson would "embarrass Carlyle, the originator of the Great Men school of history":

Coeruleus said...

OT: unworthy self-link, but come on over to watch the Lindzen Distinguished Professor of Science History, Monckton University

Marion Delgado said...

thanks for the weird promotion eli, i mostly send people here for the online textbooks.

sir oolius, you have undone all the good work i've done on my blood pressure over the last 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Marion.

But what about all those innocent little mice (and rabbits too) that died needlessly when DDT was banned and the eagles started propagating like rabbits again?

DDT has been the worst thing for my family since the Tom cat moved into great-grandpa Marty's house and ate his wife and half of his kids. I can't even count (mice can't you know) the number of relatives and friends I have lost due to that damned Johny Carson.

-- Horatio Algeranon

Anonymous said...

We ought not blame one woman for this disaster.

Its mostly white guys that caused and are causing problems like this. Malthusian nutballs and energy-deprivation-crusaders. People who are so irrational that they have a problem with plastic bags.

Carson is far less to blame than the white guys who believed her crapola.

How many millions of people have malaria?

You know its all fun and games for rich white taxeating parasites to be advocating stuff that will get tens of millions of people killed and then laughing all about it.


Fucking funny fellas.

Whats it like being holocaust-deniers?

Must be a barrell of laughs every day.

EliRabett said...

Gee, Anon 1:40, we would be a lot more impressed if the people trying to bash Rachel Carson had ever done anything in their lives to help anyone else, let alone those suffering from malaria.

By attacking WHO when it was launching an important effort against malaria, Bate, his front organization, Africa Fighting Malaria and the associated libertarian thoughtless tanks made a bad situation horrible. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your arguments are non-arguments Rabett.

They are crap.

I'm not even hassling so much Rachel Carson. My problem is with holocaust-deniers and she wasn't around to see the holocaust.

I'm hassling homicidal white leftists like you.

Its all fun and games being a holocaust-denier until you're busted.

And now you are busted.

EliRabett said...

Rachel Carson died in 1964. Of course, perhaps we should ask which holocaust you are writing about. Please tale a few extra cards Anon 1:44. We try to be extra nice to our special mice.

Anonymous said...

"Of course, perhaps we should ask which holocaust you are writing about."

Fucking Jesus Christ Rabett.

Is the holocaust-denial so strong you cannot even conceive of what I'm talking about?

Lets get this right:

1. I'm not blaming Carson as much as I'm blaming white leftists like you.

2. Fucking sixty million black children as an absolute minimum is not something you fucking facists can hide under the floorboards.

You fucking lunatic.

EliRabett said...

Actually Anon 11:35, we believe in leaving Jesus Christ to do his thing. While us Rabetts are sexy souls, Ms. Rabett keeps Eli in line. Clearly you have major problems in that dimension and I recommend cold showers and perhaps a donation to
would help.

It is precisely because Eli and the rest of the mice CARE about people with malaria that we object and ridicule the knaves who have tried to use malaria as a political weapon against an effective international campaign against malaria. Whether you are a knave or a fool remains open.

Anonymous said...

The trivializing of this holocaust by pretending that there are people out there blaming Rachel Carson for 3 billion deaths is sickening but its typical facist (ie socialist) behaviour.

That she clearly isn't responsible for such a huge number or deaths in no way gets the ecological movement off the hook for tens of millions of deaths.

Lets see the timeline Rabett.

You just get finished reading Nixon and Ceasar?

Talking about oneself in the third person is clear nutball behaviour.

Lets see your explanation.

We were on the way to getting rid of malaria, smallpox and polio. We got rid of two of those but immediately upon the rise of the ecological movement 1 of those three went backwards.

This is no coincidence as the marxists used to say.

JRE tried to make an excuse for this on Bug Girls blog.

But he was lying.

Jim did the usual holocaust-denial thing and made two links which did not back up his ridiculous claims.


Dano said...

Ah, that sounds like the nutball Graeme Bird's ignorant potty mouthing.