Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to ruin a perfectly good idea

The animal underworld is full of news that the mice are leaving the sinking Climate Feedback. That is too bad. With Nature's resources the blog could have been a powerful presence. Indeed their original plan

What will we host on the blog?

  • Discussion of the weekly content of Nature Reports: Climate Change and of our monthly podcasts
  • Comment and analysis on climate science in our journals, other journals and in the news
  • Musings from us on meetings and conferences we are attending
  • Details of upcoming events, books, interesting sites, articles etc.
  • Notes from climate scientists in the field ….updating us with their in situ observations
  • And much more, of course!
was a pretty good one, but they lost editorial control. They are going to have to break some eggs to get control back and establish some credibility. They also are going to have to understand the mechanics of running a blog. Eli had some ideas which actually were not too far from the original


Anonymous said...

they lost editorial control"

How can you lose something you never had to begin with?

I'm not really sure there is even a need for another climate-related blog.

What's the point, particularly if it is just going to be a Prometheus clone?

Perhaps they should call it "Climate Feedback and other distortion"

Anonymous said...

I don't know. The idea for their blog was pretty lame. And I think that Pielke and....I think that Pielke killed it. He seems to have tried to orchestrate something and it just failed.

But he's really not at a loss. He has so little credibility to lose that any gamble is worth the risk.

It only makes the people at Nature look goofy. It makes them look like they don't understand the communication of climate change science.

Mus musculus anonymouse.

Anonymous said...

I find this claim on their "blog policy" interesting:

"All material posted to the site is NPG copyright"

Apparently, they are laying rights to everything posted there!

What a bunch of poppy-cock.

William M. Connolley said...

Its happened

Anonymous said...

They can have the rights to the posts, as far as I am concerned.

Most of it is worthless (pathetic, actually) as far as I can see.

I can't imagine that anyone would ever want to read (much less buy!) a book of such stuff!

I know I would not.