Friday, May 25, 2007

Ask Al Gore

Well the book tour for Assault on Reason is underway, so there will be local opportunities to Ask Al Gore. Our question to the mice is, what question would you Ask Al Gore, in 25 words or less. Questions by nature are short and not political speechifying, the person who answers the question gets to do that. However, for the purpose of this exercise, after asking the question (politely, we are well behaved furry creatures, unlike them pushy Stoats), you may rant at will.

Oh yes, you can put your question out to the Huffington Post who will Ask Al Gore tomorrow and more opportunities at the draft Gore site, even at the gore Gore sites. There will be an interview on Charlie Rose tonight which should eventually be available on line.

It is a 12 stop tour which started in CA. Some of the upcoming dates are

Friday, May 25
New York City
Barnes & Noble (Union Square)
33 E. 17th Street
Talk & book-signing
12:30 pm

Tuesday, May 29
Washington, DC
The George Washington University Lisner Auditorium
730 21st Street, NW
7:00 pm

Wednesday, June 6
Chicago, IL
Borders Book Store
150 North State St.
Phone 312.606.0750
12:30 PM


Brian said...

Al, do you agree that greenhouse gas emissions should be allocated between nations in some kind of per-person basis, rather than freezing and reducing total national levels?

Al, should you have put more qualifiers in The Inconvenient Truth?

Al, you don't think nuclear power has a big future. Do you actively oppose nuclear power or are you willing to see whether it becomes economical despite your lack of enthusiasm?

Anonymous said...

Al, do you know about thorium molten salt nuclear reactors which have been demonstrated, are safe, produce practically no long-lived waste, and use little fuel.

(25 words if you count long-lived as one) and it's NOT a company!


-Flavius Collium

Anonymous said...

Al, if you get elected in 2008, will you (please) write a presidential directive to kick Texas (or at least Crawford) out of the Union?

Coeruleus said...

Al, the elite liberals drive to your book signings in SUVs. Doesn't that make you a hypocrite? If not, then why are you so, so...fat?

Anonymous said...

(I assume this is where we pose the questions for Mr. Gore. Here goes...)

"Al, how would you rate your residence's performance in accordance with the 31 bits of advice at (do you line dry?)"

L. Sam Brown

Marion Delgado said...

Now that you've been gettting the pointy end of the Market stick publicly, if you re-wrote Earth in The Balance would you still hold the East Bloc accountable for their environmental degradation and excuse the rich countries because they mostly degrade the environment of other countries? Would you still shill for NAFTA and the WTO, or would you now admit that Jerry Brown and Ralph Nader were right about the race to the bottom driven by them?

C W Magee said...

Dear Al:
Can you please provide a non-committal answer to my agenda-driven question?

Dano said...

Mr Gore (doesn't count toward my 25):

Why do you think the Noise Machine is expending beaucoup energy SwiftBoating you and your message, given the planetwide scientific consensus about man-made climate change?