Wednesday, January 10, 2007

On the S. Fred front...

Nominations for the S. Fred are coming in hard and heavy. Friend to Rabetts and publisher of Monckton, Nexus 6, has put forth the name of God. Under ordinary circumstance the Name of God always wins. That's what Mom Rabett taught Eli. This is....difficult. The award committee has met, and as an added feature the person who comes up with the MOST implausible reason why Nexus cannot nominate God for the S. Fred, wins bonus Pielke points and can ban Eli for one week from commenting on any blog.


Does this include Rabett Run: Yes, this includes Rabett Run

Does it include posting on Rabett Run? That depends on how good the answer is.
If Nexus accepts it, then it will be REALLY good.

What about if it is really, really good? Don't push it. If it is that good, start your own blog Roger.


Anonymous said...

Before we decide whether God can be nominated, don't we have to know the detailed rules of the contest with regard to nominations?

For example, the Nobel Prize does not allow posthumous nominations Is the same true with the S. Fred Award? (since some have proclaimed "God is dead")

Does the nomination have to be a person? If Mickey Mouse, Mr. Ed or Washo the chimp can not be nominated, then God certainly would not qualify either.

Does the nominee have to have published something on global warming? If that is the case and unless there is something on that in the Bible (Was Noah's flood due to global warming?), I'd say God is disqualified.

You need to provide more information, Eli. Otherwise, it's just a guessing game and the results far too subjective.

How can you have a contest with no detailed rules about nominations?

EliRabett said...

The simple answer to the last question is that Eli is a Rabett.

A strong entry from one of the Anonymice, but Anonymice are not people, but Anonymice. Can they earn Pielke points? Hmm need to go to the carrot juice bar and think that one over.

Anonymous said...

I see, now you're making decisions about who can submit nominations?

What kind of carrot patch are you running here, anyway, Rabbett?

If you ask me, you've had one too many gin N turnips already.

Anonymous said...

I think we need a post that further defines a Pielke Point.

Anonymous said...

Pielke Point?

I thought Eli was awarding free trips to Polka Point.


EliRabett said...

A Pielke point is a point a Pileke makes that shuts a Rabett up. A senior Pielke point is worth more than a junior. See, simple.

A Pielke point a day, keeps the Rabett away.

Anonymous said...

You may have a point, Rabett (on your floppy little ears), but is it possible to make a point without having a point?

This is the key question here, sort of like the question Oblio and his dog Arrow set out to answer in their adventure in the Pointless Forest (sortof. Actually, I believe Oblio was out to learn if it is possible to have a point without having a point -- but that's beside the point).

Don't recall whether Oblio discovered the answer, but I do remember that Oblio encountered some very strange people (eg "Rock Man") in his travels through the Boulder -- I mean Pointless -- Forest.

Not unlike some of the people encountered on Pielke's blog: after all, both Prometheus and Pointless Forest are populated by "Boulder People".

Green Scientist said...

I call shenanigans!!! Clearly carrots have changed paws behind closed doors. I shall be launching an investigation. The people’s choice shall not be denied.

On a side note, Monckton only made it in to the recent publication due to replication problems, since resolved, with the two-headed reverse Siberian turkey paper. He’s a lucky little Viscount.

EliRabett said...

We loves shenanigans, can Eli play? Does the boss bunny get more carrots?

However, there is excellent, and continually accumulating evidence that the almighty placed us here for his amusement, not ours.

Anonymous said...

"almighty placed us here for his amusement, not ours."

Indeed, how amusing to watch humans pulling their hair out inventing wacky spaghetti theories that they hope will explain everything

...when she knows full well that the universe is based on shells, not spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

To be perfectly correct, Eli's statement should read

"almighty placed us here for his [sic] amusement, not ours."

The almighty is a she.