Saturday, January 27, 2007

For Ben

Tim Lambert at Deltoid has a love affair with John Lott. Recently he posted on More Guns, More Homicide, a study of the obvious. This brought out the local gun nut seeking to defend us all against the Russkis.

(Not to cast pearls before swine)

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M.J. S. - (Wacki) said...

Ironically that cartoon is indirectly making fun of an actual historical event. Remember the Taliban foot soldiers vs. the Russkies? Also American Civilians donated more than a million rifles to British citizens during WWII in an emergency effort to hold off a Nazi invasion. So that cartoon is making a mockery of events/ideas/freedoms that rather recently did what many consider great good. That being said the second amendment is not about foreign invaders and I'm not sure I've ever met a gun nut that thought it was.

Ironically one of the most rabid anti-gunners in that thread whole heartedly embraced the purpose of the second amendment.

That post gave me a chuckle. I wonder if he realized his hypocrisy.

BTW, speaking of guns and murders statistics here is a funny fact of the land where the sun never sets:

13th century Great Britain had a crime and homicide rate far greater than present day New York city. In those days people carried knives. Currently Great Britain has the strictest arms control in it's entire history. Despite this the use of firearms in UK crime was much less when there were no gun controls and anyone, lunatic or convicted criminal, could buy a firearm without restriction.

That is not the most useful statistic but it sure is a curious one at that.

I have fully expect the link between firearms and increased homicide to be shown in the future. However, there are enough oddities around the world with firearm statistics that the link may not be nearly as strong as many think (or some wish).