Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Don't mess with the bunny....

UFO Breakfast Recipients notes that

Not many people know this, but Farmer MacGregor was a global warming denialist. He got his, however, at the paws of a fierce, badass rabbit.

For some time now the pensive Rabett has pointed out that neither adaptation nor mitigation alone can meet the existential threat of climate change. While not of the sort that thinks life will vanish from the Earth, he sees a threat to our societies, and recognizes that when the burrow caves in a lot of bunnies go into the cooking pot. It is, as they say, a time of great unpleasantness.

Farmer MacGregor was swimming in cash from Exxon/Mobil, fat and unwary. His suffering was terrible, or so one might think from the amount of noise he made.

Among other things you can find information on squirrel venom and other consumables over there. The commenters are another issue, with one of them calling King Eli a queen and the other recommending bunny burger. Bunny burgers?
In April 1992 Spy magazine published an article in which they described an amusing hoax. They opened a Bunny Burger store where customers would choose a live bunny from a cage and then it would be taken in back to be ground into a custom burger. (This was a few years before the popular press picked up on the rat restaurants in China which really do this, but with rats.)
Eli understands that several franchises were purchased in Colorado, showing admirable anticipation and poor investment planning, but alas, Bunny Burgers is no longer in business, nor is Farmer MacGregor. Don't mess with the Bunny

To a non-lagomorph, the whole thing is hilarious go read. We at Bunnies End are cleaning out the Elmer Fudd trophy case.


Anonymous said...

Don't mess with the Bunny"


The only thing more deadly than a carniverous squirrel is a rabid rabett.

Anonymous said...

Yes, just look at that wee white one in Monty Python and the Holy grail.