Tuesday, January 30, 2007

As the last doors in the Exxon AR4 Advent Calendar open...

Rabett Run brings you the latest in Push Your Ears Over Your Eyes stylings.

Three-monkey relief carving (hear nothing about climate change, see nothing about climate change,
speak about no climate change) on Shinkyusha. Nikko, Japan

The cute little anonymice tracked a bunch of shredded Denialist Institute paper into the burrow. We washed the dears off so they wouldn't take ill. Turns out the Exxon orcs want to play grown up climatologist. Hunkering down in MobilMordor, they added, subtracted, omitted and, well, bent, a copy of the draft AR4 into a Summary for Making Bad Policy (SMBP). They gonna make the IPCC toe the line or at least get their names into the Wall Street Journal editorial page. The bunnies spent the weekend putting the pieces together but the tears of laughter turned the stuff to paper mache.

Technically this is known as a tease but Wabbit gonna play Global Climate Denialist bingo with this sucker soon as it dries out. We got the corners nailed, but after reading the SMBP it struck the Snark Board that it needed an update. So here is the new updated playing card. Feel free to suggest new links, find mistakes, change stuff. Effete cheating is encouraged. Stay tuned. (% means new, * means slightly used, most of the links (#) are updated and we still have the problem that the blogger gods push the table down a number of lines.)

%Local land use changes dominate # #
%Glaciers/ice caps are not melting. If they are it has nothing to do with global warming # #%Sea levels are not rising # #The IPCC
summary for policy makers does not reflect the body of the report #
%Global temperatures have not increased since 1998 #%The surface record is worthless #Ice cores show that warming precedes increases in C02 #%No change in cyclone intensity. Even if there were it wouldn’t matter #
%Climate is so complex, we can’t know anything #Satellites
show no warming # #
%The sun has caused all the observed changes #
or cosmic rays #
*Climate modeling isn’t useful #
Urban Heat
Islands contaminate the surface record #
All can be explained by natural variability #
% Aerosols effects are poorly known. We can’t say anything #The “Hockey
Stick” is broken. #

1/31 for those of you anxious to play, you can get your info over at deSmogBlog. They have the SMBP, a set of SMBP playing cards and more. Real Climate has put up a post on what they call the Incorrect Summary for Policy Makers. Has a nice ring to it.


Anonymous said...

Here's per's favorite pet peeve (which, I believe, makes it a shoein for a spot on global warming skeptic bingo)

"bristlecones -- and tree rings in general -- are not a good temperature proxy"

Anonymous said...

String theory is so complex, we can't know anything about climate.

Anonymous said...

I know people that rant about the enviroment yet still driev massive 4x4s!

Anonymous said...

"Play Online bingo Game said...

I know people that rant about the enviroment yet still driev massive 4x4s!"

there are just as many scientist who beleive that carbon dioxide emissions have nothing to do with GLobal warming as there is who do!

EliRabett said...

Wanna bet?