Monday, December 18, 2006

Tol's revenge, or Gordon is brown.....

Gordon Brown's recent pre-budget report appears to have pushed Sir Nicholas Stern to resign from the Treasury on the day it was issued. Stern, silly bunny, believes that there is nothing in the proposed budget that will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and based on the report, he got it right. Apologies to anyone Eli foolishly accused of being cynical about Labour governments.

Stern, might be going over to the Conservatives who thought his proposals were too meek. OTOH, they also peg the you gotta be kidding meter.


Anonymous said...

it would seem that the only way a competent person can have an impact (in either the blair or bush admin) is to resign.

...which has the end effect of leaving the government completely devoid of competent people.

it's a most curious phenomenon you will never find in nature: inverse darwinism -- 'survival of the unfittest'.

Anonymous said...

Technically, New (newest, washes whiter than white) Labour is actually the Conservative party in drag. They have gone further than Thatcher ever did in privatising the post office, the NHS, air traffic control etc. Not to mention a home office policy loosely based upon the USA'ian penchant for locking people up. Not to mention the law they passed restricting freedom of speech etc in front of Parliament, in order to get rid of one anti-war protestor.

What was funny was that they drafted it wrong and it couldnt work on him.

Anonymous, I would be worried about gvt by incompetents, since that means that we're really screwed, instead of being only a bit screwed. Or, to put it another way, do you want to get done in by a professional or an incompetent moron?

Anonymous said...

A "government of the incompetents, by the incompetents, for the incompetents."

Lincoln, right?

If you "would be worried about gvt by incompetents", you should be worried because that's precisely what we have.

It's the revenge of the college drop-outs, C average Ivy League legacy brats and Oxfordmorons.