Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Oregon Petition: The Musical Anonymuse comes through again .......

UPDATE: After closing in New Haven, the show was renamed by TimL, a new cast was recruited by Ross and S. Fred, and gone on to flop on Broadway at a cost of millions.

Having accepted the Tom Lehrer challenge (scroll to bottom of the post), Anonymuse gifts us with this song about another one of those lovable old characters who go around spreading sweetness and light to the climate policy community

When the windowshades are falling,
cuz it's hotter'n hell outside,
the think tank wank comes calling,
to take you for a ride.

In the local paper you will find him,
and on blogs and websites too,
it's the AGW denier
getting rich while your grandkids get screwed.

He tells you "No need to worry
'Bout drillers and polluters."
cuz he knows those kids in car seats
Will be tomorrow's gas-guzzling commuters.

Here's a cure for that guilty conscience,
Here's an end to all distress.
It's the old oil peddlar
With his gas-powered happiness.

Music for the sing along (original Lehrer version and some appropriate unfathomable video):

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