Sunday, December 24, 2006

They gave an Inconvenient Truth for Christmas...

Amazon Rankings:\

Paperback #73; 257 reviews ( )

Hardcover will publish April 10, 2007

DVD # 2; 277 reviews ( ) #9 in UK (not yet issued),

Earth in the Balance, paperback #34

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M.J. S. - (Wacki) said...

I'm glad it's getting watched as I think it really is making a difference. I've just been very reluctant to give it any kind of rating at all. On one hand I want people to watch it. On the other hand I felt the movie was more about Al Gore than trying to solve this problem. I left that movie very happy he was bringing the issue into the spotlight but rather angry with how he went about it. The only scientist he mentioned in the movie was his personal teacher. IMO that movie had so much potential and he all but wasted it by focusing on himself. Due to the accuracy of what he did present I will grudgingly tell others they need to watch it.