Thursday, December 14, 2006

The perfect gift

Doing our holiday Christmas shopping on line we traipse from Tim Lambert who sends us to Zuzka from whence the comment by wardant lead us to Global Warming Watch

Wait a moment while the gift heats up or add hot water.

Available at Wacky Planet

UPDATE: As Steve Bloom points out in the comments, this is a bit extreme (it also may vanish again, it already has once, since it is hosted on the sales site.) On the other hand, Alex Tingle has given us an early holiday Christmas present, a really neat toy based on Google maps and NASA elevation data, which can show you sea level rises up to 14 m on any scale! and here are the instructions on how to do it yourself.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting one, but I have to say that the degree of land disappearance shown seems a bit extreme even for complete melting (= about 75 meters of sea level rise IIRC).

EliRabett said...

As apostles of the full 75 meter rise (we also fully intend to live till 2300 or Disney's Mickey Mouse copyright runs out, whichever comes later), we are fully in accord with SOME exaggeration.

On the otherhand there are some neat sea level rise toys out there, such as this (only 14 m alas, to see full effects you have to zoom in somewhat on a costal area)