Friday, December 01, 2006

The strangest internet site.....

for collectors of weirdness. There is an old joke about machine translation being used to translate out of sight, out of mind into French and back again. It came out blind idiot. A few days ago Eli posted on "the old dog learns the new dog's tricks" only to find it being linked to by motori. ricerca erotici. (to be seen to be believed...)

Of course, if you are looking for strange, there is always, with such goodies as 2005 Dec 23
... geology . planetology . cosmology ... "The Earth is growing and expanding rapidly by external accretion (meteorites, dust and solar energy) and internal core expansion (by gravitationally induced heating) ... The mechanisms and a new cosmology ... The map shown here is PROOF of Earth's growth and expansion in just the last ~200 million years -- proving there were NO oceans (now covering over 70% of the planet) when it was 40% smaller than it is today. The evidence is obvious, unmistakable and irrefutable!"
Global Warming: Earth Can Explode! 2002 Jan 21
... planetology . meteorology ... "The real danger for our entire civilization comes not from slow climate changes, but from overheating the planetary interior. Galileo discovered that Earth moves. Copernicus discovered that Earth moves around the Sun. In 2000 Tom Chalko, inspired by Desmarquet's report, discovered that the solid nucleus of our planet is a nuclear reactor and that our collective ignorance may cause it to overheat and explode. The discovery, verified by experts in many disciplines of science, has been published in June 2001 by the new scientific journal"
but the Rabett's favorite is
Using Pseudoscience as an Aid to Teaching General and Analytical Chemistry 2000 Feb 25
... science . chemistry ... "This paper briefly describes a four-level approach to using pseudoscience and pathological science as tools to further educational goals in second-semester general chemistry and analytical chemistry courses. It provides detailed information about five specific areas of pseudoscience, pathological science, or anomaly investigations that are applicable to chemical education, and describes two student special projects and student experiences at a conference on controversial research."
It's a big net out there.

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