Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slight blogging break for Brian

I probably won't be blogging for a few weeks, but I'm sure Eli will find carrots to chew on.

If any of you solve climate change while l'm gone, please leave a note. We wouldn't want to forget how to do it if needed again.


Anonymous said...

Relax, we don't have anything much to worry about. It's the coming generations that are screwed. They'll have to find their corrupt fascist bandito way.

But since you asked, I'll take a whack at it. However I stipulate you need to cite this blog post and comment in the academic literature. Classical fermi liquids and semiconductor technology are rapidly running into a roadblock. 14 nm seems to be working out, but its going to be a long hard slog down the 5 to 7 nm and then not much more can be done in that realm. The good news is you won't have to recycle your obsolete hardware, since it won't go obsolete. Software will always be a pain in the ass. Maybe try and figure out what it takes to make a good hard coder or designer. or wait for AI.

Moving on to the solution, it's already implementable classically. Networked arrays of high efficiency solar cells networked with high efficiency batteries using FETs, copper and aluminum, networked with electrolyzer and fuel cells, Sabatier reactors for methane and good old fashion carbon extrusion simply stripping away the oxygen. Structurally the economy will be built around that inventoried carbon. Look at what Musk is doing with his BFR/MCT, he's on to it.

Now moving forward, diamond film replaces and enhances glass, carbon foams for thermal mass insulation, carbon boards to save the trees, diamonds for every woman, you get the picture. Since absorption is a two dimensional process, there is always the backside, but thermoelectrics can extract water directly from the atmosphere if necessary, but there are more passive methods as well, so the entire hydrogeological cycle of the planet will need to be duplicated and simulated using these vast arrays of networked 'cells' and the voltages must be controlled since this is all fundamentally low voltage DC and there are restrictions with classical fermi liquids.

Moving forward again, the conventional fermi liquid picture can be replaced with the more modern BCS-BEC picture, using nanoheterostructures incorporating more exotic topological physics, using materials that are vastly cheaper and more environmentally friendly to obtain, refine, process, fabricate and manufacture into compatible devices. Russel listed some of the common substrates but he's fairly uninformed with what is really going on behind the scenes here with this new paradigm of functionalized heterostructures using elemenes and atomenes and even 'molenes'

And it goes well beyond the 'ene' revolution, the LED revolution is just the start of it, the very tip of the iceberg. It's going to be a robotic, AI, quantum disrupted future so start getting your welfare education states in order, because you are going to have to move the entire business of commerce to the moon and elsewhere if you are going to save anything of the biosphere. Don't worry, it will be nice. Plenty of space under the dirt. Biospheres are easily simulated and the biogenome is easily tailored to the specific task.

The good news is this is all physically possible and the industry and the citizenry are eager to participate, since from now on their lives and their profits will depend upon it. The big problem here is the corruption and criminalization of governments, and of course, religion and culture. I guess that's the bad news, that's what you are up against. Politicians, crackpots and hoodlums who work for money. The technology for the big draw down to 280 ppm will be the easiest part of this to solve. And then once you get out into space you will have millions of terrestrial planets to examine up close. From far away, of course, in the comforts of a fortified underground bunker, with easily produced food and other consumables. The bottlenecks only seem to be area and helium. Now that is ironic.

David B. Benson said...

Hope you enjoy yourself.

Fernando Leanme said...

The Democratic Party platform says they want an effort to fight climate change with an effort similar to what was done in WWII to defeat the Axis.

That statement sure sounds foolish, if not irresponsible, but it seems the Democratic Party has been taken over by commies and climate change extremists.

Furthermore, if we are going to fight climate change I think there needs to be a debate regarding the right temperature setting. I'm for raising worldwide average temperature about 1.2 degree C above the average over the last decade.

Anonymous said...

You're in luck, Fernando, some very good and precise climate models have been developed over the last decade that will make that possible, if you can learn how to control the various parameters, forcings, etc.

It's your planet. It's your problem if you can't learn to control it.

Bernard J. said...

"I'm for raising worldwide average temperature about 1.2 degree C above the average over the last decade."

You do realise that you just said:

I'm for driving to a high risk of extinction 10-20% of the world's plant and animal species."

That's something that psychopath would do.