Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sinking Santa

Eli, as the bunnies know, has been wondering about 2016 Arctic sea ice.  As Neven and Jim Hunt point out there is a large storm blowing up there which is doing interesting things.  Today there is blue water up to 85N in a large area on the Siberian side.  More to the point it looks like Santa's workship is flooding, with broken ice up to the pole, to the extent that a small sloop could probably make it (perhaps with some aid from a large icebreaker here and there)

Since toy shipping has to start in September to reach the children in December, this is indeed a threat to Christmas.  Santa (Jim Titus) many years ago prerecorded a message:

If you don't see the player your browser does not support the audio element. Listen here


CapitalistImperialistPig said...

I dunno. I think Santa may be a myth, but I am worried about the Fortress of Solitude.

Nick Barnes said...

NASA's "WorldView" tool is great for checking out the latest state of the ice, and also for comparing different dates.
The globe in the upper right conceals a drop-down menu. Select "Arctic".

E. Swanson said...

There is a very strong cyclone in the atmosphere above the Arctic Ocean, which will have on the sea-ice below. The present record low extent which occurred in 2012 appeared after a similar period of intense winds. Here are a couple of posts about whats going on:

Thomas Palm said...

Nick, as far as we know Santa has to breathe while we know Superman doesn't, so if the fortress sinks it's no big deal.

Fernando Leanme said...

The Crystal Serenity's passengers will need an extra supply of Dramamine and barf bags.

john Mruzik said...

What are the surfing conditions on the Ar
rtic ocean?