Saturday, July 09, 2016

Gretchen Carlson to solve climate change

Mr. Smooth may have gone too far

After Gretchen Carlson accused and sued Fox News Chief Roger Ailes for sexual harassment, six more women have come forward to say the same. That appears not to be the end of the accusations.

This may be enough to end a long-running feud between Rupert Murdoch's sons and Ailes, with Ailes getting kicked out. He appears to be the primary reason behind the terrible coverage of climate change at Fox News. Rupert Murdoch himself wasn't great but is much less involved in Fox operations in recent years, and the rest of Fox, run by his sons, is much better on climate.

Converting one of the primary news sources for conservatives into an accurate news source on climate could be extremely helpful. It's too bad what Ailes made these women go through. Maybe not entirely surprising though that someone who's unethical about his news coverage would be unethical in other ways.


JohnMashey said...


I would urge people to read Jeff Nesbit's Poison Tea: How Big Oil and Big Tobacco Invented the Tea Party and Captured the GOP.
There is some overlap with Jane Mayer's Dark Money, but much other material, including some that was new to me, such as Ailes' involvement.
1) Got to Amazon & use Look Inside for Ailes.
Read the book.
Check Truth Tobacco Industry Documents.

2) In particular, he got paid a lot of money by Big Tobacco to fight a CA campaign to raise cigarette taxes, and then. As a reminder, we have another ballot proposition coming up ... and it is well-known that higher cigarette taxes selectively discourage younger folks, especially during the crucial ~12-24 period of adolescent brain development, when the right part of the brain is plastic enough to be "rewired" for addiction.

3) Then he architected "Enough is Enough" campaign to attack Clintons' healthcare proposals.

Russell Seitz said...

Forget Murdoch, guys- the real culprit is Vanity Fair !

Carter Burden has moved on from pillorying Al and nonagenarian physicists to villifying Eli's kith & kin:

John said...

First Bill O'Reilly, now Roger Ailes.....

Richard Erskine said...

Excuse me if I don't hold my breath. The WSJ - part of the Murdoch empire - is virtually the house journal for the mendacious Lomborg, Ridley and others who twist both science and logic to tell untruths. If Fox softens its tone, great, but don't expect it to change its tune, at least while Rupert is breathing (and you'd need to check with Jerry on that score).

Fernando Leanme said...

I dont find Lomborg to be mendacious. On the other hand, the way the IPCC uses RCP8.5 and the media calls it business as usual sure sounds unethical.

Bernard J. said...

"I dont find Lomborg to be mendacious."

For fifty points, list the logical fallacies.

"On the other hand, the way the IPCC uses RCP8.5 and the media calls it business as usual sure sounds unethical."

For one hundred points and the game, list the logical fallacies.