Sunday, July 24, 2016

70, 75, 80, 85 When. . . ?

Neven, of course, has been tearing it up on the Arctic Ice Blog.  Eli, well Eli learns from Neven and the Nevenettes, and peaks at the Uni Bremen AMSR sea ice maps.  Frankly Neven finds that  this year is pretty confusing compared to the patterns of the past decade or more when Arctic Ice Blogging has been a thing

This being a hot Sunday, Eli took a look

and was scared.  Within a few days there is damn little ice left south of 75 N latitude.  It might be an interesting bet if any will be left before the end of the melting season, and with good enough odds you could probably find a bunny interesting in betting on 80 N.  The experts say depends on the weather, but the weather is really hot up there recently.  

Here, for the obsessive, is a neat site with Arctic station data


JohnMashey said...

Awesome, Putin will be pleased at the open seas, and perhaps so will his #MoscowianCandidate who called climate change a Chinese hoax. Yes, this is a bit confused...

but put yourself in Putin's shoes: most of Russian population lives further North than most of that in Canada, you might have trouble with forest fires, but a warmer climate wouldn't see so bad, and Russia has relatively little population and infrastructure endangered by Sea Level Rise, unlike the USA.
Also, Gazprom matters.

barry said...

AFAICT, Neven's not a fan of Bremen Uni's sea ice product.


Thomas said...

It will be exiting to see what happens with Crystal Cruises' luxury voyage along the North West passage. Since they have an ice breaker with them I assume they will get through, but will they need the icebreaker or will their ship be able to make the passage on its own?

Entropic man said...

There is also a yacht, the Northabout, attempting an anticlockwise circumnavigation of the Arctic Ocean via the Northeast and NortWest passages.

They are currently off Novoya Zemla. You can follow their progress here.

cRR Kampen said...

Scared, rightly so.

Better focus on it to forget the burning taiga and the dying coral...

jrkrideau said...

@John Mashey
but a warmer climate wouldn't see so bad

Well, I live in tropical Southern Canada where this winter it never went below -20C and around January or February start thinking that Melbourne or even Brisbane sound appealling but I am not fond of the idea of a warmer climate here.

A warmer climate does have a lot of drawbacks for the first few centuries as our ecology adjusts and we fight off the American invasion. Kudzu has already appeared in Ontario and Inuit hunters in the North are reporting falling through the ice.

E. Swanson said...

It's still a bit early in the melt season to get excited. One can look at Robert Grumbine's NOAA sea-ice site for a comparison of the latest sea-ice extent and the same point in last year's melt season. There are some differences between the two, but nothing to get worked up about. It's just another year of melting which is running outside the 2 sigma boundary. What's to worry about? Wait until October, just before the election, then start screaming...:-)


Though John's ( link won't insert) Moscovian Candidate has yet to get a pale horse at this rate Putin may soon be seeing zebras on his ice stations

Eli should note that ( link won't insert ) strange rumblings have already been heard at 80 North

But he may have to fix these links first

JohnMashey said...

My wording may have been ambiguous: I meant you (Putin) not you (Canada)

I am certainly not arguing *for* warmer temperatures in Canada ... among other things, own ski condo at Big White in B.C., am happy to get a few inches of powder a night into April sometimes, and am fond of Vancouver and Victoria, including tea at the Empress, which is not very far above sea level.The id

But what's the problem with kudzu? the Idso's, Happer and co are certain that CO2 is greening the Earth (Yes) and That is entirely Good (maybe not).

EliRabett said...

Eli loves uni-bremen. Opinions differ he supposes.

Jim Hunt @ the great white con has more about the Northabout