Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Under the Dome

Crowd sourced English subtitles for Chai Jing's Under the Dome. The video starts off in the middle, it can be reset to the beginning simply by moving the slider bar at the bottom

A valentine to those pushing coal

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BillD said...

This video is a really powerful combination of science and emotion. No doubt that this video will further increase the momentum for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases in China. I watched and read the first 10 minutes and will view the whole thing over the weekend. Interesting that ethical protocols prevent testing effects of air pollution on humans in a lab at Beijing University, while over 600 million Chinese are exposed to comparable levels of air pollution on a daily basis.

Mandarin Chinese is my second best language, so I could understand some of audio but still needed the subtitles. Reminds me of over 40 years ago while watching a movie in a village in Taiwan when I had to ask the guy running the projector to raise the machine a little so that I could read the subtitles. A challenge to try to understand the Chinese dialogue while reading the English from left to right and the Chinese characters from right to left.