Saturday, March 07, 2015

Defend to the Death and Use the Toilet Brush

Recent giggles in the blogs and news releases include the defend to the death posturing of various bags of wind, such as Rich Lowry, Richard Lindzen and Joe Bast.  Don Prothro at Skeptic has a useful take on what Willie Soon is and has done.

Much of the attempted push back on Soon and the Grijalva seven or eight, who remembers, has been meta (it's cruel, it's McCarthy) and according to John Fleck, Eli is all about meta.  In this case allow the Bunny to outsource to  Roy Ederoso's take on Steven Hayward, one of the seven or eight, but it will do for all of them and Willie Soon

I'm constantly being asked if I hold the Voltaire defend-to-the-death position on people I disagree with, but I am seldom offered a for-instance where the subject isn't just entirely full of shit.


Russell Seitz said...

What to do about Tallyrand ?

JohnMashey said...

How can one criticize Hayward, then Visiting Scholar of Conservative Thought at CU?
is The Climate Mafia Strikes Again: The Curious Case of Murry Salby not scholarship?

Maybe not, given Murry Salby: Galileo? Bozo? Or P.T.Barnum?, whose key elements were known within a few hours of hearing about this.

Florifulgurator said...

Voltaire is dead. This is an entirely new saeculum, never seen before. Philosophy and ethics is so much easier now. One hypothesis. Anybunnies' guess (hint: do we want to continue the ontology of death?) plus a grain of Bayes. (Even Nietzsche is dead, his Eternal Recurrence of the Same recently proven ridiculous by a woodpecker and a stoat (not an eagle and a snake)...)

[wow the computerz get brokener every decade]