Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Your Sequestration


Anonymous said...

Asteroids smashteroids. Get your popcorn ready for the hearing tomorrow, if it isn't canceled by the snowstorm. They didn't cancel anything here today, even though we got ten inches. That's how jaded everyone is by now with winter. Hemispherical warming - bring it on!

Albatross said...

One giant step backward for mankind.

Thanks for nothing GOP.

dhogaza said...

This post appears to have destroyed your blog, is it a victim of Sequestration?

Probably not, probably some unclosed HTML tag.

Regardeless, fix it :)


Dear Asteroid, meteor or Apollo Object.

This communication is being sent to all bodies being tracked under NASA auspices to inform them that the President was required to defund their observation for the remainder of the fiscal year.

We accordingly hope you will follow the example of your colleague , Chebarkul 2013, and head towards the unsequestered expanses of the CIS.

We hope you have a nice Julian day, and continue to produce newsworthy astroblemes amd implectites in nations that can afford them.

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for nothing GOP."

Yeah thanks GOP for agreeing to Obama's sequester idea and getting both Democrats and Republicans in Congress in agreeing to it. Thanks GOP for listening to Obama at the time the sequester was agreed on that it would be avoided in the future through spending cuts only. Thanks GOP for believing the Liar in Chief where he now wants to increase taxes and has gone back on his word again.

"If Congress fails to pass an annual budget (as has been the case since 2009), a series of Appropriations bills must be passed as "stop gap" measures."

Thanks Obama and Democrats.

2013 Federal Budget $3.8 Trillion

"Sequester spending reductions are approximately $85.4 billion during fiscal year 2013,[2] with similar cuts for years 2014 through 2021"

"Despite the sequestration of defense and non-defense discretionary spending, total projected outlays will increase in 2013 and will increase an average of $238.6 billion per year for the next decade."



It is not even a cut it is a reduction in the rate of growth.

Facts and math are hard for leftist bunnies.

Sequester Chicken Little Gang.

Anonymous said...

Another example of the Democrats leaving America to rot.

"In May 2012, House Republicans put forward five separate budget proposals for a vote in the Senate. The Republican proposals included the House-approved proposal by House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan and one that was very close in content to the budget proposal submitted earlier in 2012 by President Barack Obama.[112] The other three proposals each called for greatly reduced government spending. The budget put forward by Senator Mike Lee would halve the government over the next 25 years. Senator Rand Paul's budget included proposed cuts to Medicare, Social Security benefits and the closure of four Cabinet departments. The budget plan from Senator Patrick Toomey aimed to balance the budget within eight years.

All five of the proposed plans were rejected in the Senate.[113][114]"

Who controls the Senate?

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Wow, more GOP talking points from the anonytroll. I'll send you a form letter in response. Maybe I'll include a coupon to get a couple of independent brain cells injected into your head so you can experience independent thought.

Robert Grumbine said...

The senate is controlled by any senator who threatens to filibuster. On the bills advertised, this is the 40+ Republicans who voted not to break filibuster.

If the House Republicans could get their Senate colleagues to vote in favor of House bills, they might make progress.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Robert Budget bills cannot be filibustered they only require 51 votes. And none of the 5 bills were even brought to the Senate floor by Harry Reid, the majority leader of the Senate who controls the agenda.

I see a_ray has nothing to add but personal attacks as usual. You are so pathetic.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

I've said before, Clownshoe, express an original opinion that wasn't first shat out by Karl Rove and then we'll talk. I don't have to defend the Dems to point out that the Rethugs are reprehensible. If I'm goint to feed a troll, it will be with poor swill.

Robert Grumbine said...

If you'd been looking at any of the news the last several years, you would have learned that any action at all in the senate can be and has been stopped by a single senator saying, even in private, that he does not want a bill to be considered. That has also included that all action on unrelated bill Y would be stopped by barricading the senate on bill X.

But it's true that Reid, along with the rest of the senate of both parties, has agreed to this idiotic way of managing the senate.

The mythic quality of the simple majority ever (any more, since the senate started its 60 votes practices) being sufficient in the Senate, notwithstanding claims to the contrary, gets a decent parliamentary analysis in http://www.economist.com/blogs/freeexchange/2012/02/parliamentary-procedure
Economist hardly being a notorious liberal source.

Anonymous said...

Robert your logic makes no sense. The house passed 5 separate budget proposals not a siingle one was even brought up for a vote in the Senate. It was not because Republican Senators threatened a veto if Reid brought to a vote the bills the House passed. Keep living in that world.


So Karl Rove said all those things I stated in my post? Proof please.

Once again you add nothing.

You have zero contribution to:

$3.8 trillion budget

$84 Billion sequester cuts

$200+ billion growth rate of the federal budget AFTER sequester cuts.

Obama proposed the sequester.

And all you can squawk is "Talking Points" "Karl Rove" blah blah blah.

To find the troll look no further than in the mirror.

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Obama was naive. I won't defend him. His mistake was to think that Rethuglicans wouldn't irreparably harm the country to hurt him. They would and did.

If an outside agency had caused the damage that Rethuglicans have caused to this country, we'd send them to Gitmo.

As to your "thoughts", pray, how do they differ from the drivel shat out by the imbeciles on the right side of the aisle in the House?

Robert Grumbine said...

Missed an important detail in the original copy from Fox above -- May 2012. I assumed you were talking current politics. My bad.

Your argument being that because House Republicans didn't get what they wanted almost a year ago, it is ok to ignore everything that has happened since then? The national election included?

Interesting thing being the parallel to the obsession that continues with Mann, Bradley, Hughes 1998. Declare misbehavior on the part of the enemy and ignore all history since then.

Anonymous said...

"Rethuglicans" I did not realize a_ray's development had not progressed past adolescence, explains many things and I should have realizzed it earlier.

No one has ignored anything since then, other than the left fantasizing that everything is the Republican's fault , because thinking is hard and facts are stuborn.

Oh look the House just tonight passed another bill, let's see what the Democrats in the Senate do with it.

Your last paragraph applies to Democrats more than Republicans.

a 2.2% reduction in spending but the year on year growth of spending continues AND THE WORLD IS GOING TO END.

Sequestration Chicken Littles.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the administration cannot seem to provide a straight answer on whether it is Constitutional just to kill an American citizen on American soil without due process.

I wonder what Rabeet Run would be like if Bush administration officials had provided these same responses...

I wonder what Waterboy would have said about his hated Republicans?

Good luck Waterboy in 2014, you are going to need it. :-)

willard said...

> At press time, Duncan was e-mailing his local congressmen to suggest a $55 billion reduction in defense spending and a 4 percent tax increase on adjusted gross incomes over $5 million in order to balance the budget.