Saturday, March 16, 2013

The First User Experience

For the computer lovers amongst the bunnies, Lovelace and Babbage suggest Go2 2-D Goggles

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Hank Roberts said...

how far we've come:

"We describe Dispute Finder, a browser extension that alerts a user when information they read online is disputed by a source that they might trust. Dispute Finder examines the text on the page that the user is browsing and highlights any phrases that resemble known disputed claims. If a user clicks on a highlighted phrase then Dispute Finder shows them a list of articles that support other points of view.

"Dispute Finder builds a database of known disputed claims by crawling web sites that already maintain lists of disputed claims, and by allowing users to enter claims that they believe are disputed. Dispute Finder identifies snippets that make known disputed claims by running a simple textual entailment algorithm inside the browser extension, referring to a cached local copy of the claim database."