Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bernard J Has Another Suggestion

It has come to Eli's attention that some of the bad bunnies don't think much of the Marcott Wheelchair curve.  Bernard J has another suggestion.



rumleyfips said...

Happy Easter indeed!

Anonymous said...

Great photo!

It almost looks like the 'uptick'... ehh... the instrumental temperatures actually enter the bunny's ears - where it might register in the brain.

Wish that were true for each and every bunny.

Happy Easter!

- Bob

Anonymous said...

That bunny has quite the tapeworm.

Anonymous said...

The Marcott-Shakun curve on the bunny ears is composed of up-tricked data to make warmists happy. In case you didn't know. Waiting for the paper's retraction right now. Enjoy while you can. Till the bunny bends his head down to eat the clover.

Hardy Cross

a_ray_in_dilbert_space said...

Poor Hardy, He's so dim he doesn't even realize that the uptick is the instrumental record.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the "harekey stick" is already ticking off the usual suspects.

That the "uptick" (which has been magnified due to proxy dropout, as shown by Tamino) shown on the blue Marcott curve occurs during a period when the instrumentally measured temperatures (HadCRUT shown in red) actually showed a sharp uptick seems to have been lost on the latter folks.

Or lost on at least some of them. McIntyre is surely smart enough to understand this.

Make no mistake, questioning the reality of the uptick over the last century (as shown by all the major temperature data sets) is questioning (and denying) reality itself.


Anonymous said...

"He's so dim he doesn't even realize that the uptick is the instrumental record."

Really? So the instrumental record shows more than 2.5C of warming?

lol a_ray is lost in Dilbert's space.

Anonymous said...

You really need glasses if you see the Marcott uptick as "more than 2.5C of warming".

In "reality" (of the real kind) it's less than 1C (about the same as the actual temperature uptick measured by the instruments over the same period)


Anonymous said...

The graph does show 2.5 degree rise in what looks like 1 year. That bunny will have to drop his head sooner or later.

We'll wait.

Hardy Cross

Anonymous said...

hardly, hardy.

The Marcott curve is in blue (indicated in the key) and the uptick at the end under discussion is less than 1C.

And you actually believe you can make out a single year on graph that covers a 20,000 year span?


You need more than glasses.


Magnus said...

Should have had some more carrots... not fit to the best fit!

Oale said...

oh, has this turned into an Animal Farm? Happy Easter anyway!
sub-arctic bunny.


But does it scale ?

We now have report of an uberbunny that has broken the 50 pound barrier without benefit of rabbit growth hormone or synthetic biology.

Lars Karlsson said...

The orange part of the uptick is the IPCC A1B projection until 2100. The red part is HadCRUT 4.

Sou said...

Happy Easter Bunny!

The Marcott et al FAQ is up at

Rattus Norvegicus said...

Oh my, it does appear as though Junior has gone around the bend.