Friday, March 01, 2013

Bright horn

A long time ago, Eli's introduction to trumpet music was a Roger Voisin long play record, now sadly missed.  Voisin was the principle trumpet with the BSO and had an amazingly bright tone and was an incredibly precise player.


Oale said...

Still can't say I'm a freind of horn music, though this group makes horns sound very good (warning:finnish humor)

Anonymous said...

If the bunny likes trumpet music, he may want to look up "Matthias Höfs" on youtube. Or better yet: "German Brass" (of which Höfs is a member).

Good example here:

KAP said...

In spite of the YouTube video header, the trumpet concerto in E flat major is by Hayden, not Vivaldi.

Jeffrey Davis said...

Uan Rasey FTW.

Lionel A said...

This is a link to a rendition of Hyden's Trumpet Concerto in E flat major:

look out also for Trumpet by Maurice André I have a collection of him playing Telemann Trumpet Concerti.

For French Horn then Barry Tuckwell with Mozart Horn concerti takes some beating.

I had a mono on Decca way back that was melted on a radiator by a relative but managed to replaced that with a Stereo version. But then such opinions are inherently subjective.

Anonymous said...

Hayden? Hyden?

Let's call him Haydn, shall we? :-)


Lionel A said...

Hayden - Haydn

Sorry, fliengers liker baenaenas - gout.