Friday, January 04, 2013

Where or When, Pick One

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Anonymous said...

I pick the Benny Goodman sext with Peggy.

passing opinion on good music always reveals more about the critic than the music, but...

The Lena Horne is a little too 'commercial'; that is the strengths of the song (and singer) have been toned down to confirm to the then taste and style of popular ballads.
The Dana Krall has a wonderfully clever string arrangement, all Debussy/Ravel unresolved discords, but I find that and the piano solo detract rather than add to the simple strangeness on the melody.
The minimalism of the Benny/Peggy version appeals most. The strength of this song is the way in which a rising melodic line is still minor and melancholic, the clarinet, and Peggy's wonderful tone and phrasing do the most to highlight that with just enough from the accompaniment to give them a foundation to rest on.