Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nothing, Nothing At All

A while ago, one Gerhard Wisnewski was trying to somehow, but not really, blame the Weasel, for the German Wikipedia agreeing that the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) was no more a source of reliable information than, say Willis Eschenbach and that links that cited EIKE were verboten.  Eli and the Weasel flipped them off, but Willis thinks that Wisnewski's best was worth posting on the world's funniest science denial site.  Before the comments wandered off into the libertarian shrubbery even Russell would have a hard time keeping up with the queer. 

Nothing surprises me as regards that weasel (sic) character! Wall, first and coming revolution spring immediately to mind!
Carrick would insist that was a love note
In writing a short Wikipedia article on New Zealand Climate Science I referred to Professor Bellamy as a renowned botanist, which of course he is. That bastard Connolley changed that to television presenter.

Herr Prof. Dr.  Lewandowsky is warming up his grist mill.  Gerhard Wisnewski believes that the moon landing was faked, Kopp On Line where Willis found his truth is a nest of anti-vaxxers and a one stop shop for denial
The publisher describes itself as a source of general literature and textbook about conspiracies and secret societies (including many about which news has not come to Earth-ER). They publish books on pre-astronautss, ufology, the fictional Middle Ages, creationism, astrology, geomancy and Germanic mythology, of Islamism, the free economy (Prof. L. knew that was coming-ER) and "revelations" such as "left-life lies".
Willis, well listen to the video and Willis will explain it all.  Of course, the Weasel and Eli can't comment over there, but be good bunnies and annoy the acolytes.

There is more over at Stoat.

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