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Das Kaninchen ist deutschsprachig. Leider ist das Hermelin ungebildet.

Wikipedia has a place for not ready for prime time links, links from sites which, to be blunt, do not meet the laugh test.  Recently the German Wiki has declared that links from the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) meet the stringent criteria.

This, well, pissed EIKE off, and one Gerhard Wisnewski, was sent into the fray to search out the responsible parties.
It is high time to remember one of the worst climate swindlers, the British climate liar, William Connolley
Well, the article went downhill from there, but somebunny, not Eli to be sure, pointed the Weasel at the page and he was quite amused,  even moved to post a comment directly to Herr Wisnewski
am Freitag, 04.01.2013, 10:10
Hi there Krauts!

Isn't this just a re-hash of Laurence Solomon's tired old nonsense (you'll have to forgive me: I've only read the google translation of this article).

Assuming this *is* just a re-hash, you want

> "After a short" pseudo-debate "is from Wikipedia EIKE even on the blacklist has been set. Thus it was no longer possible to link in any Wikipedia article to a EIKE contribution

Well, you can't blame me for that. I didn't take part in that debate, and I've never heard of you.
and got a reply
Kommentar: Nobody blamed you in this text for the actions taken against EIKE. It just shows that your way to control WIKIPEDIA was a good seed for your german followers. And you should use a better translator 
best regards - Admin
Eli could have translated the whole thing for Admin, but when the Bunny tried his keyboard kept rolling on the floor and until the mouse stops giggling it would be best to simply translate the discussion at Wikipedia-DE which lead to the EIKE site being put on the Spam Blacklist is a climate denier side far from the scientific mainstream, but with a strong sense of mission. Yes, the underlying association has gathered enough media attention that it is worth an entire article here. Nevertheless, the site is far from the requirements of WP:Web. However, the page is linked repeatedly in energy related articles, recently in the THTR-300 and the high-temperature reactor articles, which was also the reason for my request. --- <) kmk (> - 01:49, 10 August 2011 (EDT).
One should also mention that Eike articles, particularly in the area of climate change are constantly linked to Talk pages as alleged evidence. Overall, one can therefore IMHO speak of spam-like links. Greetings -. JBO Disk Help? ± 10:42, 10 Aug. 2011 (EDT)
EIKE - content is by nature usually so scary that you can really only laugh. Quote [ the policy paper EIKE]: "The steady increase in snow and ice in Antarctica is shown by the redesign of the German Antarctic research station Neumeyer III ... There were emergency landings of military aircraft on the high plateau of Greenland during World War II.  With the passage of time these are now up to 140 meters below the ice surface. ".

For comparison, the following statement was published in the Geophysical Research Letters], which is also cited in the article on consequences of global warming in the Arctic:

"We find that the ice sheet was losing 110 ± 70 Gt / yr in the 1960s, 30 ± 50 Gt / yr or near balance in the 1970s-1980s, and 97 ± 47 Gt / yr in 1996 Rapidly increasing to 267 ± 38 Gt / yr in 2007. "

I am also of the opinion that this nonsense should not be allowed to appear in Wikipedia.  A link to the page in Lemma EIKE should be possible but not allowed in other articles.  - Hg6996 14:16, 10 Aug. 2011 (EDT)
Good day! ok, I suggest blacklisting the domain, removing links in ANS except for the EIKE article and removing the remaining links (on the discussion pages). camelBot can do it, if this is agreed. - Seth 00:06, 16 Aug. 2011 (EDT)
Good day!  It’s largely done. 13 links in the non-ANS  have been defused, 1 link deleted in the ANS. Links remain in refs to Knut Loeschke and Klaus Landfried and have been left the article about the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE)
I have just put the domain on the SBL (Spam Blacklist). For the remaining links it does not matter. The items are still editable.  In case anyone wants to insert a link to EIKE anywhere they need to apply for a white listing in each case. - Seth 12:35, 21 Aug. 2011 (EDT)
Thanks and greetings -- Disk Hilfe ? ± 13:28, 21. Aug. 2011 (CEST)
That’s really great.  And even many thanks -- hg6996 13:13, 29. Aug. 2011 (CEST)

Bunnies who want to find out more about EIKE can always start with a reality check

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bluegrue said...

I love the short CV of Wisnewski at EIKE, here my translation of an excerpt.

He studied political sciences in Munich, minoring in psychology and sociology. Since 1986 he is working full-time as a journalist, writer and film author. He is an expert for scientific, technological, historic as well as political issues.

Polymaths, you've got to love them.