Thursday, January 10, 2013

Overly Honest Methods Explains It All

There is an obvious cultural chasm between scientists and the public, with more papers coming out from behind paywalls it is important to provide translation of standard phrases for civilians.   This has a lot to do with the frustration of the denialists so Eli has found a twitter page, Overly Honest Methods where Steve McIntyre can go to see what Mike Mann was saying, for example

The code is self-documenting, because the only student capable of documenting it has graduated.  

You can download our code from the URL supplied. Good luck downloading the only postdoc who can get it to run, though

We do it this way bc grad student was trained by a postdoc trained by a grad student who claimed they knew how to do it  

And for those of you who wonder about Eli

The results of the study were presented in third person passive voice to maximize the sciencyness of the paper.

Oh yes, don't take this too seriously:)


willard said...

Auditors mention Bishop Hill on their blog rolls because that name looks like a real person - #OverlyHonestMethods.

J Bowers said...

@profserious: I used students as subjects because rats are expensive and you get too attached to them


As part of the literary estate of the last author, the TTAPS nuclear winter code remains in probate , but hey, it was never user friendly to begin with.

EliRabett said...

Russel, please add that at the hash tag:) - Eli


Done, Eli.

That brings my all time tweet count up to 2.

Anonymous said...

A Phdcomics twitter \o/ (more or less)