Monday, May 21, 2012

Hide the Bunnies

The Australian Broadcasting Company Corporations Media Watch has followed up on the reports about abusive Email being sent to climate scientists in Australia.  There has been a lot of back and forth on this set off by a narrow FOIA request for examples of such sent to six scientists at the Australian National University.  A search turned up a few Emails which were at best vaguely threatening and were, after toing and froing were made public by the Privacy Commissioner.

Nick Stokes and Tony Watts were drawn into this on opposite sides and you can find lots of links here and there.  Watts and Co reported this as evidence of scare tactics.

Wanna be scared bunnies, Media Watch has just updated and Tim Lambert is on it.  Media Watch went back to the original article in the Canberra Times which reported threats to Australia scientists and had a few choice quotes among which were the generic "Die you lying bastard!", but Media Watch went further and asked two scientists that they suspected had received those letters and got an earful.

GO FUCK YOURSELF AND DIE YOU CUNT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are nothing but a Traitorous Lying Asshole !!
The quicker that Cunts like you and your kind Die the better !!!!!!!!!!!!

The names of the people who sent this trash have been redacted, however there is a lesson that is now being learned by George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina (corrected) and before that by  Paul Christoforo with a company called Ocean Marketing.


Rattus Norvegicus said...

The saga of George Tierney of Greenville, South Carolina can be found here.

He is not a nice man.

Anonymous said...

Horatio wonders: is it a mere accident that some of them are misogynistic?

Anonymous said...

Rog Tallbloke had a lot to sy about this over at Deltoid last week. I wonder if he'll be quite as vocal now?

Come on Roger, give it to us...

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

Gaz said...

Small nitpick. It's actually the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood the law of these kinds of matters.

On the one hand it proffers an Alfred E Neuman ""what me worry" we ain't gonna do nothin attitude when a person is the victim of some a-hole.

On the other hand it bends over backward to protect the a-hole from the natural consequences of their actions. even when its blatantly illegal. In this case the a-hole gets their name redacted.,

I am in favor of collecting these emails and placing them in a nice big one page spread as an advertisement in the Australian.

willard said...

Oh, and speaking of Australia, here's Dick, lukewarm about the interface between science and policy:

> Whenever someone has said in the realms of policy “science demands,” you know mischief going on. I mean Hitler took the Jews and said “Science demands that we get rid of them”.

Neven said...

Hold on. I didn't really follow this and want to see if I got it right.

- A while back there were reports in the Australian media that Australian climate scientists received death threats.
- Some guy named Simon Turnill files an FOI. There's some talk about 11 mials which some judge or commissioner doesn't deem threatening, except for one perhaps.
- WUWT and the rest of the deniosphere announce that there have been no death threats whatsoever and it's just warmist propaganda.
- But the FOI was for just 6 researchers at one university, spanning a 6 month period?

Did I get this right?

I thought that indeed some of the more zealous warmists might have exaggerated claims of threats to get attention.

Neven said...

I have just watched the Mediawatch episode (Australian TV program, ep. 16, 21 May 2012) that explains all this stuff, and it's clear now.

What I find particularly painful is that those scientists at ANU were moved after two occasions where people walked into their offices unannounced and were aggressive. I still remember how Anthony Watts suggested the same thing had happened to him, with practically everyone on the 'warmist' side of the debate denouncing this action by a zealous stranger, only to find out that this stranger wasn't some 6 foot vegan radical, but grey and small Anna Haynes.

"Imagine if you will, the screaming, accusations, and threats that would be leveled against me if I showed up unannounced on Joe Romm’s doorstep, or maybe at “Tamino’s” house, or what would be said if visited “Eli Rabbet” at his university without an invitation?

I’d be labeled a stalker, or worse. Climate bloggers would have a collective “cow”.

I’m writing this in hopes that the person can see their own behavior as being wrong, by illustrating how it would look if the tables were turned."

And still he does this. The only reason I'm still interested in this whole AGW-thing, is because I'm curious to see what loathsome depths Watts will manage to attain. What a horrible, little man.

susan said...

Good for Anna Haynes. Seems all you need to attract abuse is a Ph.D. in a relevant field accompanied by paying attention to real science.

Meanwhile, thanks Rattus N. for the George Tierney link, going to remember this comment:

"hoist on his own retard"

Too bad the press isn't looking for their excitement in the right places.

(google doesn't seem to want to let me in unless I give them a mobile number, trying again. What a world we live in)

Anonymous said...

Pfft, don't believe these are real at all, look totally fake.

nice link to more crap from Sandra Fluke too.

@rattus leftus norwegus

yes and Sandra Fluke is not a nice lady either.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jay Cadbury, phd.


you know I've always thought you were a loser.

pay the stupid tax neven, I know your heart bleeds for it.