Monday, May 07, 2012

Brad Johnson Pins the Contributions on Heartland

UPDATE:  Stones roll downhill, crush Heartland.  Insurance and other sponsors throw in the towel

Brad Johnson has a piterest page up with the names and amounts from corporate donors to Heartland.  In the interest of false balance, Eli will utter the number 10 twice so you can go and jump all over Keith, Andy and the guy behind the curtain, but it is interesting to read the list.  An awful lot of big pharma, Eli wonders what the connection is in the Casablanca sense?

 Speaking of which, Eli has noted that certain "Heartland Experts" are disassociating themselves

Despite the claims of an enthusiastic commenter named Albatross here (#24) and elsewhere that I am an “expert advisor for Heartland” — I have absolutely no association with them, never have. Apparently, Heartland considers me an expert, so they are obviously not wrong about everything.
 The Bunny is shocked, shocked to think that Joe Bast added someone to the multiple expert lists without their permission. Eli is shocked to think that while they send names to legislators like Monckton, etc, they include such a fine expert as Roger, who might confuse listeners who otherwise would get a 100% consistent message from the other “experts.

Shocked, shocked. (now ,where are my winnings) and how many other of those "Heartland Experts" are really not "Heartland Experts".  Eli leaves it to others to decide how many of them are not experts or at least "experts?"


Anonymous said...

Speaking of cats on a hot tin roof, Tom Fuller is popping more than a few gaskets over the whole Heartland debacle. The fellow is peeing over the shoes of everyone standing at the trough.

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

Rattus Norvegicus said...

Other than Climate Change, Heartland is big into (no) health care reform. Since much of this is likely to cut into the profits of big Pharma...

J Bowers said...

Looks like the folks in their Washington DC outfit, FIRE, have had enough and left the HI fold.

John Mashey said...

People who know chess know that lines of play are often given descriptive names.

1) SO, we have the "Pielke Defense": not with my permission. This line of play involves writing a stiff note to Joe bast, demanding an apology+retraction (not just a disappearance from the Experts website, and either getting that to happen, or publishing the stiff note. He might also explain why heartland thought we would be a good person to refer legislators to.

2) "Casablanca Defense" ... I am shocked, shocked... yes, I've been associating with Heartland for a while, but I had no idea.
This line of play also requires a demand to be removed from the website.

3) "Carter Defense" : I would have todl them not to, but since they did, it's right.". Of course, Carter at least gets paid.

Brian Valentine is here also, see this (awkward blog setup) at WaPo.

9:50 AM PDT
Do I support Heartland's ad using Ted as poster boy? Yes, I do. OK, so I guess Walter and DL would call me me "fringe" and thereby "not credible."

Anonymous said...

Interested bunnies should use the search engine on The Heartland Inst.'s website. Specifically search for "Pielke Jr.".

One gets 71 hits, but only three seem to be attributed to Pielke Jr. What I find odd is that The Heartland Inst. has them archived under "Policy Documents". This suggests is basing its policy on Pielke's work and public musings.

And Roger's photo is still on their website. So either 1) He has not bothered to express his discontent at them falsely claiming that he is an "expert" for The Heartland Inst.,
2) He has complained and they are ignoring him, or
3) They just haven't gotten around to removing his photo yet.

But what about those alleged "policy documents"? Will those also be removed?


Hank Roberts said...

J.Bowers, where did you find mention of FIRE and Heartland?

Not that it matters, the finance, insurance, and real estate industry will switch channels, not stop lobbying.

Robert Reich points out, the major cause of increasingly complex government is loopholes carefully crafted, and detailed regulations and laws written in response, and more loopholes -- and bigger books of regulations to manage them.

J Bowers said...

@ Hank:

Heartland faces a mutiny amid furor over billboard campaign

" decamping..."

The DC group have actually worked hard to get environment groups on board with some of their work. What Chicago seems to have done is effectively set that work back considerably with their "experiment". I know what I'd do.

J Bowers said...

When Fly, Rod + Reel are quoting a real grassroots hunters and anglers organisation's outrage, who I've never even heard of, with quotes like...

"When the Heartland Institute ran this ad, it not only took direct aim at our hunting and fishing, it also put our children and grandchildren squarely in the cross-hairs. This dishonest attack must not go unchallenged.

Conservation Hawks is working with America's hunters and anglers to address the single gravest threat on the horizon - climate change. We condemn the intellectually bankrupt and morally bereft Heartland Institute. " know HI have really damaged their cause.

Anonymous said...

The Police must be making a few cents extra royalties with their hit "Don't Stand So Close to Me"...

Bernard J. Hyphen-Anonymous XVII, Esq.

[Recaptcha says: earisery erreful]

J Bowers said...

More for Hank:

"Several members of the Washington-based Heartland Center for Finance, Insurance and Real Estate confirmed today that lawyers for the two sides are negotiating a split, and that it is imminent."