Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tutt Tutt

With the new back and forth about the Heartland papers, some in the audience are tutt-tutting about Fred Singer being on $5K/mo retainer. As Eli has discovered years ago this is peanuts. He got $143K for the original NIPCC report


coeruleus said...

As per their press release, Heartland does "apologize to...our allies in the fight...who have had their...integrity impugned." I thought that was a nice touch.

Steve Bloom said...

Of late there's been a considerable rise in the price of peanuts. Stop hiding the incline, Eli! :)

John Mashey said...

So, Joe Bast begged Philip Morris for another $5K, but at least, in 2011 Altria gave $50K and Reynolds American gave $110K, according to the leak.

But even without that, they have a long history of tobacco money. But the money flows are murky, and I have yet to find that flow of $143K from Heartland to Singer, despite looking very hard.
See this.