Tuesday, February 07, 2012

One of these things not like the other?

The ad that so offended Karl Rove:

The ad that didn't (AFAIK):

I have a hard time seeing the difference, except that Rove is sorry that things worked out well in Detroit.

Incidentally, that second ad is kick-ass. That's the kind of thing that the green side of the equation needs.

FN.  Clean coal is a misnomer if it includes mountaintop removal or excludes carbon sequestration.  I'm not yet prepared to say it's always a misnomer, though.


Anonymous said...

Clint should repeat what he said about Spike Lee, but directed at Karl Rove "A guy like him should shut his face."

Celery Eater

Steve Bloom said...

Well, the difference is that the first one featured and American icon and the other did not. That's why Rove is unhappy.

John said...

I'm profoundly offended by Karl Rove's existence.

Clean coal IS a misnomer. At best there is a range from incredibly to horrendously dirty.

If carbon sequestration is a prerequisite for the "clean" moniker then neither petroleum nor natural gas can be considered clean.

John Puma

Nick Barnes said...

Clean $FOSSIL_FUEL is a fiction until someone actually does it. When it's being used (as that ad uses it) to describe current industry, it's definitely a misnomer.

Brian said...

John, Nick - I agree. I'm not ready as some people are to write off sequestration, though.

If it could work (big if), there are huge political advantages to modifying the coal economy to fit climate reality instead of trying to destroy the coal economy.

I also remain interested in Hansen's idea of combining biomass power with sequestration to get a carbon negative outcome. I think this might save our bacon in a few decades.

Lionel A said...

More than a misnomer Nick, Clean Coal is treasonable propaganda and Rove should have been in the dock years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jay Cadbury, phd.


What worked out well in Detroit?

Obama bailout? ERrrhhhng wrong!

Chevy Volt? ERrrrghhng wrong!

0 points will be awarded for pointing out that the Volt was in production before they became Government Motors. The government should have cancelled that sham of a car when they forced a government employee into the role of ceo.

David B. Benson said...

Burning stuff in air produces NOX. Therefore not clean.

Jeffrey Davis said...

I don't get the "half time" gag. Bush asserted and Congress and Obama recently agreed to the death of habeas corpus. An America without habeas corpus might be able to flourish economically, but it'll just be another Singapore. It isn't the America of all those ideals.

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Philosophy: