Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Eli has cleaned up the blog roll a bit, deleted MT's personal blog and added Planet 3.0, but also retired a couple of old favorites, Cruel Mistress and the Lab Lemming. The Lemming has decided to retire, and Ben Hale faded away to Facebook. Both losses.

The floor is open for suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Although this is a call for interesting blogs one feature i find useful is to use the RSS feed and under each blog name post title of the latest blog entry e.g. in the blogroll at Moyhu or serendipity.


Holly Stick said...

I don't know if you want to get into twitter - where the action is! - but Michael Mann tweets some good links:!/MichaelEMann

Richard Mercer said...


J Bowers said...

You might want to consider Heretic's Corner.

bob said...

bah twitter/facebook the internet is ruined.

That said I think it would add a lot to rabett run if you changed the blog background color from white to something else.

I don't know why but it loses atmosphere somehow. I think maybe because it's too bright. Or maybe it's actually because the sidebar blends into the posts.

This is all trivial of course I'll still keep reading even if it stays the same.

Martin Vermeer said...

What about dumping 'Read more!' when there is nothing more to read

crf said...
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crf said...

Cancel the blogroll completely.
Everyone who reads this blog probably knows which blogs they want to read. They are not naive about climate science blogs. And your posts often contain links.

Blogrolls signal to many people that you always or largely endorse what those bloggers say (even if that is not true, that is what many readers will believe).

They muddle your message, which is not a good idea. For example, people will note your blogroll items, and decide whether each is anti-nuclear or pro-nuclear, pro-renewables or circumspect, endorsing near climate tipping points or not, pro carbon tax or pro cap and trade, anti-mainstream economics or not, left or right or kooky. Then they'll read your blog posts with a jaundiced eye, trying to make sense of what you are trying to write in the context of their impressions gleaned about you from your blog roll.

Aggregators (like planet3.0) are better than blogrolls. They don't usually imply endorsement of the content of all the blogs. If people want an aggregator, there are enough available.

Ron Broberg said...

Probably not quite right for your blogroll, but many readers who are not already familiar with Early Warning might want to check it out.

Martin Vermeer said...

> What about dumping 'Read more!'

Thanks! This is a full-service establishment

hengist mcstone said...

Wild Weather Dan deserves a mention . It doesnt have an RSS feed, but I thought id mention it anyhow.

J Bowers said...'s climate pages might be a good addition.