Sunday, February 05, 2012

Science Confusion of the Day

The clock stopped (but did run again) allowing the LA Kings to score.

Kings General Manager Dean Lombardi said via email that the clock was correct and no extra time had been added.

"Those clocks are sophisticated instruments that calculate time by measuring electrical charges called coulombs," he said. "Given the rapidity and volume of electrons that move through the measuring device the calibrator must adjust at certain points, which was the delay you see. The delay is just recalibrating for the clock moving too quickly during the 10-10ths of a second before the delay.

"This ensures that the actual playing time during a period is exactly 20 minutes. That is not an opinion. That is science. Amazing device, quite frankly."
Tip to Kevin Drum and his commenters
This is all just a great big hoax by hoax stirred up by scientists who've manipulated the data for their own purposes. I'll bet those clocks run just fine in China! These people follow Hitler’s belief that if you tell a lie often enough it will be taken as fact, and the more outrageous it is the more likely to be believed. With the media being near unanimously leftist, they delight in being state-controlled propagandists and spreading the lies to further their cause. The whole debate over this issue is predicated on fear rather than science.
I get it, the clock is like a water wheel but sometimes too many electrons get flushed through and the wheel goes too fast. Really just basic quantum principles. And sometime the wheel gets rusting so you have bath it in neutrons to make sure it's accurate.
as someone said, these electrons suffer from photon envy.


Rattus Norvegicus said...

It's obviously a conspiracy because the LA Kings won. If Columbus had won I would have no trouble with what happened.

And Lombardi's explanation seems a bit fishy because the clocked stopped for 1.8 seconds. Best guess a wonky clock.

Jeffrey Davis said...

Oh. Hockey. Where dozens care.

Why Hockey Sticks are True said...

I would go with either "Bull!" or Poe with just a dash of Dunning–Kruger!