Friday, October 30, 2009

Mike Powell returns

Mike Powell wrote a rather detailed disambiguation of the manuscript used to shill the second OISM petition project. Mike's analysis was originally housed on a newspaper forum web site, but has disappeared. Mike has graciously agreed to let his work appear on Rabett Run, till, in the nature of things, it has to move again. Mike's work is linked and cited in many places on the web, so if you come across any let the site owners know that the paper has relocated.

Eli has explicitly added links and figures referred to in the analysis. One of the issues in translating the paper to the web format is that 1oC, didn't mean 10 C but 1o. Hopefully all of those were corrected.

UPDATE: Another critical review by Michael McCracken is available



Hank Roberts said...

A suggestion -- your older post still has several links to the Tri-City Herald, hidden behind hilighted words.

Could you put a plain text post up with all in one place the author's name, the titles, some frequenly quoted phrases, and the full plain text of the old dead links along with the new one?

Google searches for the old links would then lead to the new ones.

EliRabett said...

Changed the links at OISM meets Mike Powell, OISM loses

Not sure what you mean for the rest of it. The version place at RR has pretty much exactly the same text.

John Mashey said...

Very useful and timely, thanks.

Hank Roberts said...

> Changed the links
That helped already, thank you. Wasn't sure what exactly Google uses or how to get its attention. Apparently it's watching everything.