Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Questions

First, when was the last time that Lindzen ever published any science that was right? Serious question. Eli gets ~ 1990 but is willing to listen. Polemics need not apply.

Second, if Mike Powell still reads Rabett Run, could he stop by. His opus on OISM has link rotted away. If there is a new location Eli would like the URL. If not, the bunny would be pleased to host the remnants.


Robert Grumbine said...

I think the rabbit might be a little pessimistic. Leaving aside review papers, conference presentations, etc., which biases the look older than it would be, and not being at all thorough, I find several articles -- and was not being exhaustive -- since 1990 that don't look to have the problems of the iris papers. The initial iris paper was, if not terribly well done (I thought as I read it), at least contributed a hypothesis to shoot at. The fact that it was shot down so quickly, oh well. Such is science. I'll have to take a look at the Roe and Lindzen.

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EliRabett said...

Thanks Bob, mind if Eli moves that up to the text?

CapitalistImperialistPig said...


Lindzen is smart and can still do the arithmetic, but he just happens to be too pig-headed (if I may use the word) to admit that he is wrong.

Mike Powell said...


Heck yeah I still read Rabbet Run! :)

I have that OISM "analysis" in a Word file and maybe HTML too (need to check the backup drive for that). It isn't hosted anywhere else that I'm aware of, so it'd be great if you would put it up here.

Please either reply here with an e-mail address for me to send you the files or just send me an e-mail to kcx9844 "at" yahoo.com and I'll reply with the files.


Mike Powell said...

Rats. You'd think I would've learned how to spell "Rabett" by now. Sorry about that. There's so much talk of bunnies and carrots around here that I get confused... :)


Unknown said...

I actually defended Lindzen somewhere. A daft cock had claimed Lindzen proved CO2 cannot affect climate.

I said, even Lindzen would never say that. And I didn't add "you daft cock!" because I am on better behavior.

Robert Grumbine said...

Odd, my post last night doesn't seem to have made it through.

Sure, move the list upwards. I hadn't thought of that possibility or I'd have been more careful about cleaning up the google scholar refs.