Friday, October 23, 2009

Going from step 3 to 4

  1. First, they fear you.
  2. Then they match you.
  3. Then they laugh at you.
  4. Then they ignore you.
  5. Then you lose
in just a matter of a few days. The great Pielke meltdown was featured first at Rabett Run. Then Tim Lambert at Deltoid decided to throw Roger a pity party. Now Thers in Whiskey Fire moves the ball forward starting with Roger's plaint
The big fish then feed on the minnows, for instance, Real Climate and Brad DeLong have cited Tim Lambert as an authority, including on my own work, yet to my knowledge Lambert has never actually engaged anything I've published in the peer reviewed literature much less any substantive arguments that I've made. Of course he doesn't
Thers points out that this is really a piece of splendidiferous writing (Parental discretion advised) equal to the best Tom Friedman ever wrote and expands upon it
Big fish eat tiny minnow fish, except for one of the big fish, who has a fanciful aquatic imagination and also employs powerful farm machinery for the purposes of forward progress. The large fish and the devoured minnows and the farmer fish are all in the same family. . .
There is a truth here, Roger has become the Tom Friedman of climate blogging, a writer of mush, but an awful lot of mush.

UPDATE: Since this is getting linked to and what follows is more of a tweet than a post, Eli will answer the question of what does Roger want: To rob the IPCC and US Global Change Research Program of any legitimacy. Given the rather prominent position in CIRES of several key contributors to the IPCC and the incestuous connections of the university to the local government labs involved in the USGCRP, this is not without dangers for him.



Anonymous said...

save the Lorax!!!!


"memory hole? what memory hole?"

Anonymous said...

And here I was worrying about posting something about RP jr's mitigation/adaptation confusion.

After all it's really hard to get the horse before (or behind) the cart, if you are totally confused as to which is which. And before you know it, the cart is overflowing with horse ...

Oh, never mind, I'm too Canadian for this.

Back to the fish.

In Thers's rush to discuss family fish coupling and such, the actions of the giant fish have not been sufficiently analyzed. How do they "applaud" the big fish exactly? Do they rise up out of the water emitting great geysers of foam and dive back down with a splendiferous display? Perhaps they are really whales and not fish at all.

Also no one has explained the essential step of regurgitation. After all, the minnow must be released somehow by the big fish so that the cycle of feeding and incest may continue.

So really it's all a question of EAED (Extreme Aquatic Eating Disorder).

Anonymous said...

Roger has become the Tom Friedman of climate blogging,'

Next thing you know Roger will beseeching us all to just "give it six more months" and we will "turn the corner" [on the climate change battle]

Oh, i forgot. that's what he has been saying for the last 5 years.

You should add one to your list Eli.

6) Then they pity you.

Roger has become pitiful.

William M. Connolley said...

Oh dear, it is all becoming a bit grim. still, keep up the good work old wabbit.

Marion Delgado said...

Pielke, Jr.'s actions have never matched his stated positions. He's claimed an expertise he does not possess, based on credentials that don't apply. Actually, I think there's no real danger to his position, since, like Lomborg, he doesn't have to play by any science rules.

Look how Lomborg turned the tables on actual scientists in Denmark.