Monday, April 20, 2020

If you have time on your paws, and who don't . . . .

Jules of the Klimaatblog is doing a long series on how astroturf spam is manufactured. Particularly important to recognize today with Trump and his enablers trying to kill off their partisans.  With the recent death of Fred Singer who, tho not an economist, played a pivotal role in secondhand smoke shenanigans and the emerging Ayn Rand suicide squads, recruiting bodies and gathering the disposal bags in the name of FREEDOM, this is an important series

The tobacco economists network - or how the Tobacco Institute recruited over 100 American economics professors. Part 1 of many. 

This is story of the 100+ American free-market economists recruited by the tobacco industry. It was written in 2014-2015 but due to circumstances never finished. The story is too important to ignore so I'm presenting the draft written back then. Feedback / new insights welcome. 
Welcome to the first post of many. 
The tobacco industry used a series of scientists in so-called ‘truth squads’ to deny the harmfulness of second-hand smoking.


Old_salt said...

Ayn Rand suicide squads? Sort of like the Judean People's Front suicide squads?

EliRabett said...

Them, especially now. Remember for all these typhoid Mary types, social distancing is a grab for their freedoooooom.

jules said...

Thanks for the thums up

it's gonna be a hell of ride, starting with tobacco and ... ending with global warming. Cuz we all know where climate skepticism originated.