Tuesday, September 04, 2018

One of Life's Little Delingpole Lights or Nature Bites Last

James Delingpole is out there shaking the cup for himself, setting up a gofundme to pay for treatment for chronic lyme disease and a bad overbite.

Delingpole is a Brit, and the Brits have a National Health Service so why is Delingpole out there with the begging bowl.  Well, it turns out that the right wing climate change denying rags, and Delingpole is an a number one denier of climate change, don't pay so well, and the National Health Service won't.  Why, well chronic lyme is one of those things that you can start a bar fight about at a medical convention.  The quacks don't believe in it and the people who believe they are suffering from it don't believe the quacks.

Flimsin is not very understanding, perhaps understandably
but Eli is laughing his head off.  Why the bunnies ask, enjoyment at the discomfort of others is not becoming they say to Eli.  Well, some not Eli to be sure, might be enjoying Delingpole brought low, but Eli he knows some stuff.

Like lyme disease is carried by a tick.  If you have ever been walking through the north woods, you inspect yourself and your loved ones inch by inch for those buggers if they have dug in because of lyme. Done correctly that can be. . . enjoyable.  Lyme is getting a lot worse.  Indeed the EPA tracks the incidence of lyme. on  a page with the title "Climate Change Indicators: Lyme Disease".  Turns out that the ticks can't survive cold winters, and if the winters are warmer there are more ticks.

James Delingpole has been laid low by climate change.  Nature bites last


Fernando Leanme said...

Do you think that a Go Fund Me site to help Venezuelans fleeing Maduro's socialist utopia can collect money to charter a ship and take 5000 refugees offshore Spain, where they can be put on rafts so they can enter the EU?

Andy Mitchell said...

If only there were a powerful movement of citizens scientists out there who could determine the scientific facts behind Chronic Lyme Disease.

Layzej said...

Canada recognizes persistent symptoms:


Beakers said...

"... to charter a ship and take 5000 refugees offshore Spain, where they can be put on rafts so they can enter the EU..." So, raise funds to pay people traffickers to place refugees at risk before reaching safety? I know that you were being facetious but I think you illustrate instead the main problem, and that you may not like to admit that.
All the refugees from places like Syria and Eritrea would have a very good case for asylum if they arrived in the EU stepping off a plane. But we have set up an egregious rule that the refugee must seek sanctuary in the first 'safe' country they get to, even if the refugees have legitimate doubts about how safe that place is, and dont want to bring their kids up in a refugee camp with poor prospects for education and employment.
This corrals refugees in poorly equipped and overloaded refugee camps frighteningly close to the violence they are desperate to get away from. Developing countries carry a far higher burden of accommodating refugees than we do - Bangladesh being a current example.
So we should all take a share of the refugees from Venezuela, air flights being a lot cheaper and safer than rickety boats from organised crime. Somali refugees in the UK demonstrate that when conditions improve again, many return of their own accord having built economic links that go on to benefit both countries.
It is a shame that many politicians are so scared of nuance that they pander to the anti immigrant narrative, and instead of pointing out how bone headed and evil the Australian experience has been, creep our own policies closer and closer to that model.

Andrew said...

In my pre-hospital days (2012-2015) I did a lot of searching on my vague symptoms; chronic Lyme certainly came up. The problem with the whole diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme is that practically any symptom can be attributed to it, and there is no general response to treatment, with lots of 'you may or may not get worse before you get better' which is a red flag for quack treatments.

I suspect that there is quite a bit of reactive arthritis being misdiagnosed as 'chronic Lyme'. Basically the same symptoms, should go away on it's own without any treatment, so the response to antibiotic treatment would be the same.

Russell Seitz said...

Did James catch acute Lyme by sitting next to a Congressman in an airliner?

The TSA is sandalously lax about letting potential biological warfare vectors fly.


To avoid Dellers fate, you can festoon your ankles with flea & tick collars, available in child and adult friendly sizes at a pet store near you

barry said...

The wiki article on Chronic Lyme Disease has much reminiscent of AGW contrarianism.

"The evidence-based perspective is exemplified by a 2007 review in The New England Journal of Medicine, which noted the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease is used by a few physicians despite a lack of "reproducible or convincing scientific evidence...."

Groups advocates and the small number of physicians who support the concept of chronic Lyme disease have organized to lobby for recognition of this diagnosis...

In 2006, Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General, opened an antitrust investigation against the IDSA, accusing the IDSA Lyme disease panel of undisclosed conflicts of interest and of unduly dismissing alternative therapies and chronic Lyme disease... The medical validity of the IDSA guidelines was not challenged, and a journalist writing in Nature Medicine suggested some IDSA members may not have disclosed potential conflicts of interest, while a Forbes piece described Blumenthal's investigation as "intimidation" of scientists by an elected official with close ties to Lyme advocacy groups. The Journal of the American Medical Association described the decision as an example of the "politicization of health policy" that went against the weight of scientific evidence and may have a chilling effect on future decisions by medical associations...

In 2001, The New York Times Magazine reported that Allen Steere, chief of immunology and rheumatology at Tufts Medical Center and a co-discoverer and leading expert on Lyme disease, had been harassed, stalked, and threatened by patients and patient advocacy groups angry at his refusal to substantiate their diagnoses of "chronic" Lyme disease and endorse long-term antibiotic therapy...

A 2007 article in The New England Journal of Medicine argued media coverage of chronic Lyme disease ignored scientific evidence in favor of anecdotes and testimonials:

The media frequently disregard complex scientific data in favor of testimonials about patients suffering from purported chronic Lyme disease and may even question the competence of clinicians who are reluctant to diagnose chronic Lyme disease. All these factors have contributed to a great deal of public confusion..."

Delingpole's embrace of quackpottery is totally unsurprising.

Unknown said...

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